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Best School Of Animation & Graphic Designing Courses in Lucknow

At Dream Zone Best School of Animation Courses in Lucknow location, you will receive instructions in both traditional and computer based concepts and techniques in animation & graphics design. Animation & graphics course institute will help you in creating awe-striking design on multimedia, 2D & 3D every time. Our preparatory program helps you explore the basics of drawing and animation concepts.

We use simple methods to make art easy to learn, enabling you to take the next step toward your dream career. This is because we understand that it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of drawing before.

Graphic and Animation institute

The market is ever-changing, and so is the demand for various skills. Today, most of the businesses run online and to enhance the online presence the companies must have a strong web presence. Having engaging and attractive graphics is a must for a staggering website. Dream Zone has some certification courses where you can learn the skills of graphic designs in animation.
In our Graphics designing course, you will get acquainted with the knowledge of colours, images, layout, and typography. This will help you in creating awe-striking design every time.
As a part of our animation course, you will learn about the basics of sketching, drawing, shading, character models and much more which will help you in creating enticing animation. There is a huge demand in the market for animated movies, short films, etc., which can be used as a promotional tool.

Benefits of learning the Graphics and Animation-

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Graphics and Animation
S No.Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Duration
1DZPGDA X01/Y01PG Diploma in Graphics and Animation (Pre & AFE) Max/Maya904 Hours
2DZPGDA X02/Y02PG Diploma in Graphics and Animation and Photography (Pre & AFE) Max/Maya964 Hours


Web and Graphics
S No.Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Duration
3DZMDWG 01Master Diploma in 2D Graphics & Web Design424 Hours
4DZMDWG 02Master Diploma in 2D Graphics & Web Design and Photography484 Hours
5DZPWG01Professional in 2D Graphics & Web Design320 Hours
6DZDWG 01Diploma in Graphic Design200 Hours
7DZDWG 02Diploma in Digital Prepress160 Hours
8DZDWG 03Diploma in Web Design200 Hours
9DZDWG 04Diploma in Web Graphics144 Hours
10DZCWG 01Foundation 2D Artist40 Hours
11DZCWG 02Certificate Course on Image Editing40 Hours
12DZCWG 03Certificate Course on Illustration40 Hours
13DZCWG 04Certificate Course on Digital Draw & Design40 Hours
14DZCWG 05Certificate Course on Publishing Design40 Hours
15DZCWG 06Certificate Course on Web Graphics40 Hours


Web Development
S No.Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Duration
1DZMDWD 01Master Diploma in Web Design and Development360 Hours
2DZPWD 01Professional in Web Design and Development280 Hours
3DZDWD 01Diploma in UI Design and Development160 Hours
4DZDWD 02Diploma in Web Development160 Hours
5DZCWD 01Certificate Course on UI Development80 Hours
6DZCWD 02Certificate Course on PHP/ MySQL80 Hours
7DZCWD 03Certificate Course on UI Design80 Hours
8DZCWD 04Certificate Course on Web Design40 Hours
9DZCWD 05Certificate Course on Action Script24 Hours


3D Graphics
S No.Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Duration
1DZMD3D X01/Y01Master Diploma in 3D Modeling and Animation-Max/Maya608 Hours
2DZMD3D X02/Y02Master Diploma in 3D Modeling and Animation and Photography-Max/Maya668 Hours
3DZP3D X01/Y01Professional in 3D Animation- Max/Maya480 Hours
4DZD3D X01/Y01Diploma in Game Assets Design-Max/Maya280 Hours
5DZD3D X02/Y02Diploma in Set Modeling & Texturing-Max/Maya240 Hours
6DZD3D X03/Y03Diploma in Character Modelling and Texturing-Max/Maya240 Hours
7DZD3D X04/Y04Diploma in Animation and VFX-Max/Maya240 Hours
8DZA3D X01/Y01Advanced Set Modeling & Texturing-Max/Maya120 Hours
9DZA3D X02/Y02Advanced Character Modelling and Texturing-Max/Maya120 Hours
10DZA3D X03/Y03Advanced Animation and VFX-Max/Maya120 Hours
11DZF3D X01/Y01Foundation 3D Animation-Max/Maya80 Hours


Post Production
S No.Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Duration
1DZD PP 01Diploma in Movie Editing & Compositing128 Hours
2DZD PP 01Foundation Course on Editing (FCP)40 Hours
3DZCPP 01Certificate Course on Editing40 Hours
4DZCPP 02Certificate Course on VFX80 Hours

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SIGN UP Graphics and Animation


We have successfully trained about 7500 Engineers/ professionals from diverse engineering, graphic and management backgrounds. SICCES (P) Ltd. trained students are now working with many small & large companies in India and abroad especially Gulf countries. We want to develop the “Thinking and smart working Professionals

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