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Best School of Fashion Designing Courses in Lucknow

At Dream Zone Alambagh & Hazratganj School of Fashion Designing Course in Lucknow, here you will learn the intricacies of garments in terms of design and technology and discover the potential and design innovation in fashion sector. Although fashion designing courses is often thought to be a creative process, with the time this industry has undergone a huge transformation. Dream Zone offers a comprehensive Master Diploma Program in Fashion and Garment Design, which covers design development, pattern grading, garment assembly, pattern making, garment fit, draping, and 2D and 3D designing fashion illustration etc. more.


Why Fashion Designing is important and why it is important as a profession?

You would have often heard about a popular quote, “Fashion fades away, but the style is forever.” As a fashion designer, you should aim at creating styles which are a legacy.

Dressing up in style is the dream of every human and it’s not gender-biased. Whether its male or female, everyone loves to dress in style. A good fashion designer can analyze the current trend and design outfits accordingly. It has led to the surge of fashion design industry.

Although fashion designing courses is often thought to be a creative process, with the time, this industry has undergone a huge transformation.

The design is not only about exploring the creative side but at the same blending it with the current trend, understanding the business concepts, merging the technology and creating the staggering design is what it takes to become an outstanding fashion designer.

It is the kind of business which would only be profitable if you a trained eye for detail and are good at managing cost and consummate understanding about marketing your products. You can only become a master of all this if you get the state of the art training and knowledge in this domain.

Dream Zone has been expanding its wings in creating fashion designers who are different from the league.

The key focus of Dream Zone hone the creativity within the students and shape it up with the training and guidance of the industry experts to create the flag bearer of modern fashion design.

If you don’t wish to pursue a complete degree course, you can opt for diploma courses or can join as a part-timer with affordable fashion designing courses fee in Lucknow.

S No.Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Duration
1DZMDFD 01Master Diploma in Fashion Design600 Hours
2DZMDFD 02Master Diploma in Fashion Design and Photography660 Hours
3DZPFD 01Professional in Fashion Design360 Hours
4DZPFD 03Professional in Garment Styling200 Hours
5DZPFD 02Professional in Fashion CAD200 Hours
6DZDFD 01Diploma in Fashion CAD120 Hours
7DZDFD 02Diploma in Pattern Making160 Hours
8DZCFD 01Certificate Course on Fashion Design40 Hours
9DZCFD 02Certificate Course on Fashion CAD80 Hours
10DZCFD 03Certificate Course on Manual Pattern Making80 Hours
11DZCFD 04Certificate Course in Fashion Merchandising40 Hours
12DZCFD 05Certificate Course in Fashion Retailing40 Hours
SIGN UP for Fashion Design

We have successfully trained about 7500 Engineers/ professionals from diverse engineering, graphic and management backgrounds. SICCES (P) Ltd. trained students are now working with many small & large companies in India and abroad especially Gulf countries. We want to develop the “Thinking and smart working Professionals