Best institute of fashion & jewellery designing Lucknow

Best institute of fashion & jewellery designing Lucknow

Fashion design and jewelry design


Let’s admit the fact that we all love to dress well. Designer dresses and complementing jewelry is loved by people of all age groups. It’s not only women who are interested in this but, even men have become cautious about their style statement. Designers now work on creating an entire look where they dress and matching accessories. You can make a career for yourself in this line.

Dream Zone one of the leading institutes providing certification courses in fashion designing and jewelry designing. The career path in these fields is highly rewarding, and thus, we have seen growing inclination of people to adopt these courses. It’s not only the college students who are interested in these courses rather, but we also have many housewives showing their interest in this area. The prime reason for this is , it allows you to work independently and start your own business.  Apart from this, many people are taking up certification courses in fashion designing and jewelry designing to hone their creative skills and earn some extra money.

Benefits of learning fashion designing and jewelry design-

  • Prosperous career opportunity- Jewelry design has enthralled the fashion world too. Nowadays, the ensembles are designed considering specific jewelry. The jewelry designer work in close association with the fashion designer t create masterpieces
  • Start your own business– If you cannot move out and work, you can start working at home. You start your boutique, jewelry line, etc.
  • Work for brands– You can also fetch a good job in any of jewelry firm or fashion houses. There is a huge demand for skilled professionals and having a certification course in the same gives you an extra edge.
S No.Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Duration
1DZPFJ01Professional in Fashion CAD & JCADD240 Hours
2DZPFJ02Professional in Fashion Designing & Jewellery Making400 Hours
3DZPFJ03Professional in Garment Styling and Jewellery Visualization280 Hours
4DZDFJ01Diploma in Fashion CAD & JCADD120 Hours
5DZMDFJ01Master Diploma in Fashion Design and Jewellery Making720 Hours
6DZMDFJ02Master Diploma in Fashion Design and Jewellery Manufacturing800 Hours
7DZMDFJ03Master Diploma in Fashion Design and Jewellery Making and Photography780 Hours
8DZMDFJ04Master Diploma in Fashion Design and Jewellery Manufacturing and Photography860 Hours
SIGN UP Graphics and Animation

We have successfully trained about 7500 Engineers/ professionals from diverse engineering, graphic and management backgrounds. SICCES (P) Ltd. trained students are now working with many small & large companies in India and abroad especially Gulf countries. We want to develop the “Thinking and smart working Professionals