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Jewelry Design Institute

Do you have a passion for designing and want to explore your creative skills? Why not try the jewellery designing. The recent market trend shows growing demand for designer jewelry. The gems and jewellery play a key role in Indian economy. It contributes around 7 percent of the nation’s GDP.

Its contribution is not merely restricted to input to the GDP, but it’s a high labour intensive industry giving rise to numerous job opportunities. It employs around 4.64 million people. Being one of the fastest growing industries it continually has a demand for an efficient, creative and innovative jewellery designer. Dream Zone brings you various jewelry design course which helps you in honing your creative skills.

It’s a known fact that the demand for gems and jewelry designers is increasing at an incremental rate. Thus, we at Dream Zone contribute towards skill development by proving gems and jewelry designing course.

Why is learning jewellery designing beneficial for you?

There are innumerable reasons why this will be beneficial for you, let’s analyze them:

  • Rewarding career- Education is never wasted. Whatever you will learn will prove to be helpful for you. The growing demand for jewellery designer has created a huge demand for professionals in this domain. If you have mastered this art, you can easily fetch a job in the jewelry firms.
  • Accessory designer– When it comes to jewelry design then earlier people purchased it for financial security, however, with the passage of time it has become a style statement. Many companies are now looking for the accessory designer who is specific for a movie or a serial.
  • Become your boss- If you wish to start off your own business, you can start your jewellery line. You can work as an independent designer. Certification course in the same equips you and up-skills you to become a successful entrepreneur.

Why you waiting? Just see complete course details and join best jewellery designing institute in lucknow

S No.Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Duration
1DZCJD 01Certificate Course on Jewellery Design Illustration40 Hours
2DZCJD 02Certificate Course on JCADD40 Hours
3DZCJD 03Certificate Course on Jewellery Making40 Hours
4DZCJD 04Certificate Course on Jewellery Manufacturing120 Hours
5DZCJD 05Certificate Course on Jewellery 3D Print Manufacturing80 Hours
6DZACJD 01Advanced Certificate in Jewellery Design Illustration (1+2)80 Hours
7DZACJD 02Advanced Certificate in Jewellery Design & Making (1+3)80 Hours
8DZACJD 03Advanced Certificate in Jewellery Design & Manufacturing (1+4)160 Hours
9DZACJD 04Advanced Certificate in CAJDI & Manufacturing (2+4)160 Hours
10DZACJD 05Advanced Certificate in CAJDI & 3D Print Manufacturing (2+5)120 Hours
11DZPCJD 01Professional Certificate in Jewellery Design and Making (1+2+3)120 Hours
12DZPCJD 02Professional Certificate in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing (1+2+4)200 Hours
13DZPCJD 03Professional Certificate in Jewellery Design and 3D Print Manufacturing (1+2+5)160 Hours
14DZPCJD 04Professional Certificate in Jewellery Design Making and Manufacturing (1+2+3+4+5)320 Hours

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