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AutoCAD Software: Powerful Tool Redefining the World of Designing

What is AutoCAD Software and its importance as a tool?

In layman’s terms, AutoCAD is something that eases the job of a designer/ architect. It provides a user interface to the architects with build-in templates and designs. In the world of architecture, designing is one of the most crucial as well as the tedious parts. While designing manually, there is a scope of small errors and mistakes but with the advent of AutoCAD Software, things are simplified and also it saves a lot of time and effort as well. Basically, this software application helps in designing 2Dimensional as well as 3 Dimensional models. 

Is Autocad software hard to learn?

Frankly speaking, learning anything is dependent on your efforts and dedication. Having command over AutoCAD is comparatively easier for people with technical knowledge and with no technical background. Practice makes a man perfect is apt for CAD learning as when you keep practicing the AutoCAD, it leads you towards perfection and helps you to enhance your skills. Once you learn AutoCAD Software, it becomes a powerful tool in every sphere of designing.

What are the types of CAD? 

Many types of CAD exist for different usages and students learn CAD software as per their usage and field of interest. In common parlance, 2D, 2.5D, 3D and 3 wireframe and surface modeling are the most commonly used CAD software tool. 2D CAD helps to make flat drawings of products and services and it includes courses such as AutoCAD, CAD key, CADDS 5, CATIA v4 and Medusa. If we talk about the 3D CAD software, they are more dynamic and provide more realistic images and some 3D CAD programs include Creo, SolidWorks, Catia, Inventor, Unigraphics NX and VX CAD.

What is the best CAD course?

Choosing the best CAD course depends on the usage of this tool, different professionals use CAD software differently thus depending upon the need and usage, there are different CAD courses. Fashion designers need AutoCAD for designing apparel whereas Architects use it for designing buildings. Different AutoCAD serves the purpose of different categories of professionals. There are many types of CAD such as civil engineering CAD, Mechanical CAD, Electrical CAD, Architectural CAD, AutoCAD utility design and structure detailing, etc. 

How much does it cost to learn AutoCAD software in India?

The course fee to learn AutoCAD is quite dependent on the course duration and structure. It may cost you around 5k for each month as per the CAD you intend to learn. It is really a smart way to polish your skills through AutoCAD technology.

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