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How Electric Vehicle Design and Development Course will be Useful for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers


Electric Vehicles are future vehicles that are going to rule the world shortly in the premium automotive industry. It is a trending concept in the automotive industry. The major reason for the introduction of these cars is the continuous rise in petroleum and fuel prices. Electric vehicles are designed innovatively using the Lithium-Ion battery currently. The lithium-Ion batteries have higher energy densities, long life spans, and high power densities, which keeps the vehicle intact avoiding complications. These are also safe to be used on electric vehicles.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles:

  • No Emissions
  • More convenient
  • Savings on consideration of fuel
  • Safe to Drive
  • Cost-Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reduced Noise Pollution

The extensive grounds on which electric vehicles are introduced is the reduction of carbon print. The brushless DC motor and the AC induction motor provide more efficiency than other motors. AC Induction motors are used in high-end EVs because of the low maintenance costs.

Trends in EV Design:

Emerging trends in Electric vehicles have led to a new dimension in the electrical and simulation domain leading to the launch of Electric Vehicle Courses. This course has become one of the fastest-moving technology-based courses.

Learning Electric Vehicle Design is a principal opportunity to know about designing Electric vehicles. Demand for Electric vehicles has increased. Electric vehicles have become mass marketing products, so understanding the concepts of Electric vehicles and their design has become the need of the hour. The Electric Vehicles course helps to analyze the structure involved along with its latest battery designs. Designing an Electric vehicle at a low cost is one of the most wanted features. One needs to be an expert in electric vehicle design and its simulation.

Career Prospects:

Electrical Engineers build an emerging career by pursuing the Electric Vehicle Design Course. The electric design course embeds the aspirants on knowledge on how the Electric Vehicle is designed using the lithium-ion battery and the battery simulation.

A few opportunities that an electrical engineer can grab on pursuing this electric vehicle course.

Research and Development:

The research and development agenda for an electrical engineer is vast. This particular course has a great scope for research, covering the latest technologies involved such as IoT, and major advancements in manufacturing techniques. The battery simulation and its in-depth details are covered in this course.


The design career helps electrical engineers move to great heights in their careers. The electric vehicle course makes a space in the design field concentrating on the better economic perspective of Electric vehicles and an environmental basis. The brushless DC motors and the AC induction motors are used in the electric vehicle design which can be learned from the Electric Vehicle Course.


There is a need for electrical engineers in the manufacturing industry. There is always a dearth of EV skilled manpower. The electric vehicle course reduces this dearth and creates an excellent opportunity for electrical engineers to make a career for their growth.


Maintenance is taken care of by electrical engineers. The Electric Vehicle needs a special maintenance team to track the usage of the battery and its needs. The electric vehicle course teaches the engineers the maintenance section of the motor and the battery.

Charging Stations:

It is a start-up opportunity for electrical engineers. The charging stations are a replacement for petrol stations and the electrical engineer would play a major role in this domain. They would be pioneers in this field in completing the electric vehicle course. TATA has planned to set up 500 charging stations in the near future, and the Indian Government is ready to help a lending hand in establishing 15000 units. The requirement for electrical engineers increases as days go by.

Automotive Electronics:

This domain is a blend for both electrical and mechanical engineering departments, where the latest technology is inculcated. One needs to be multi-faceted knowing embedded technology as a base. The software simulation for the battery and the control systems for the EV along with the battery testing process is a must need to survive in the industry. All these multi-disciplinary technologies can be comprehended on pursuing the Electric Vehicle Course.

Mechanical engineers are always on par with electrical engineers. In any design field, both electrical and mechanical engineers go hand in hand. Career prospects for mechanical are equal to those of electrical engineers pursuing this electric vehicle course.


Design is a supreme field for mechanical engineers. By pursuing the course, they can make an ardent career in design. It provides knowledge on creating new-age Electric vehicles with nuances. It suits the economic and environmental stature of the society is a requirement. Thermal systems and vehicle parts manufacturing are the major areas in an Electrical Design Course paving the way to increase career opportunities.

Automotive Industry:

Mechanical engineers can become a part of the automotive industry by analyzing the requirements of the electric motor used for Electric vehicles. It can be made perfect by pursuing the electric vehicle course and becoming an expert in the technical aspects of designing a vehicle. The Electrical vehicle course needs to be pursued in a well-developed and recognized institution. 

CADD CENTRE HAZRATGANJ LUCKNOW -Right Choice ( Provides Online / Offline Training)

CADD CENTRE is a globally placed institution for training in technical courses. The center has been well established and has been training students for the past 33 years. It is recognized by National Skill Development Corporation and is also Asia’s biggest training center with a vast network. The center sees that their students become skilled engineers to pursue outstanding careers. The CADD center also provides the best features for their technical courses:

  • Webinars conducted from time to time
  • Rigorous hours of training.
  • Customized training for all courses
  • Placement assistance for varied technical courses
  • Employability skill development programs in the 1st year]
  • Up to date training content at a reasonable cost.
  • Certifications with high proficiency hologram.
  • Privileged cards as an add on value

They also have tie-ups with the world’s best firms and are recognized with awards and accolades globally. They have franchise partnerships across India. 

The CADD Centre has launched a course on EV Design and Battery Design. They have structured the course so that the aspirants can learn huge aspects of both the design and the maintenance field. These two fields are the fast-moving career growth areas for both electrical and mechanical engineers.

The course offers in-depth training in the below domains:

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Regenerative Breaking
  • Mechanical model
  • Thermal Systems
  • Auxiliary Sensors 
  • Battery life and design
  • 3D Battery modeling
  • Smart Battery Management

CADD Centre at Hazratganj:

One of the best and oldest franchisee CADD centers is situated at Hazratganj, Lucknow. The center caters to the needs of the students, being one of the best technical training centers. Tarang Singhal, the Centre Head, has a forward view on recommending this course for a wide range of electrical and mechanical students. He motivates the student community to pursue this electric vehicle course as this would become the future of the automotive industry. 


The future of India will be embraced by Electric Vehicles. The Electric Vehicle design, though challenging, one gets an immense opportunity to learn the analytics of electrical motors. This will be an aid to all electrical and mechanical engineers to set their feet into a bright and fast-moving career, thus changing the way we move forward. 

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