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Popular CAD Software That’s Look Forward in 2022

Computer Aided Design or CAD is a popular technology of the modern times. It comes with a lot of features and advantages making it the most used software for designing and developing the products.

Coming to the usage of this technology when it comes with many software and every time you can find a new version available in the market. Some of these are free to use while for others you need to pay a subscription fee.

CADD Center Hazratganj has been training the engineers on various CAD software that are latest and most advanced in the market. Based on our experience and research we have shortlisted three CAD software that must be on your radar if you wish to stay abreast with the latest developments in this field.

Here is some Popular CAD Software

1. SketchUp 2021– Well, if you are looking for an easy to use the tool then SketchUp is the easiest to learn and operate. It comes with a user-friendly interface and large icons which help you easily find a tool and work on it.

It also gives you the feature to arrange the user pallet so that can have easy access to the most used tools. With the help of this tool, you can easily design 2D designs and 3D models. Being compatible with both Mac and Windows, it becomes easily accessible to all.


Easy to use
Creates photorealistic rendering
Works with both Mac and Windows operating system


SketchUp is not Automated
Rendering in limited

2. Autocad 2022– Easiest of all and the best for the beginners the AutoCAD 2022 is mid-level CAD software. It comes with both 2D and 3D drawing features which allow you to add lighting effects, annotations and hatching to your designs.
The 3D tool feature of this software is impressive and creates a realistic image. It works well on both Windows and Mac. It comes with many features which will take time for you to become proficient.

AutoCAD Anytime Anywhere- Create, edit and view CAD drawings with a browser by web app or mobile app
Xref Compare
Cloud Storage Connectivity
It comes with an impressive photorealistic rendering feature
Floating Windows
Easy to use and understand

You can use this software only after subscription
Limited File Formats

3. TurboCAD Delux 2021– The low pricing and easy to understand feature makes this software the most wanted software for the beginners. The simple design of this software and large icons make it easy for you to learn and work on TurboCAD Delux software. It is compatible with many files like SketchUp, 3D printing, AutoCAD, etc. thus you can easily import and export files without any worry or hassle.

No need to pay for technical support
User-friendly interface and large icons make it easy to work upon
Compatible with Mac
Sending files to CNC Machine Shops

It has no command line
No Standardized Rendering, Lighting
Bad User-Interface

Our Role: CADD Center Hazratganj makes sure that you are well-aware about all the latest technologies and learn how to work on them. This is the reason that our faculty makes sure that you work on the most advanced technologies and also use it practically.

To enroll for CADD course and learn about the latest developments in this domain contact CADD Center Hazratganj today.

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