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PMP Certification

6 Reasons Why PMP Certification is Worth It!!

PMP Certification

PMP certification is an abbreviation for Project Management Professional certification. A globally recognized certification is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI), a US-based non-profit organization. Having this certification will set you as a Product Manager.

In recent years, skill-based certification programs are highly in demand. These certificates add great value to your career graph and widen the window of your knowledge. Several certificates like PMP certification will set you apart from millions of job prospects. Hiring companies will easily pick you up for their company’s growth.

A PMP certification curriculum highly emphasizes imbibing project-based vision to the professionals. You will learn in-depth knowledge about initiating, planning, monitoring, controlling, and closing projects.

According to recent surveys, product managers with PMP certification can handle more than three-fourths of the high-value projects, and companies that employ more than one-third of PMP certified product managers deliver much more than their rivals.

If you are wondering what are the perks of doing a Project Management Professional certification then read this article further to know 6 Reasons why is PMP certification worth it.

Values up Your Resume

High-performing companies get a pool of job applications throughout the year. Shortlisting the right candidate thus becomes a tedious job. If you apply with PMP certification on your resume, you will get shortlisted in the blink of an eye.

PMP certification is a highly valued certification among the several skill-based certifications. The hiring manager of the company will scrutinize many resumes and categorized them based on the value-added skill mentioned. Thus, PMP certification adds great value to your resume.

Furthermore, many corporate companies are now demanding applications with PMP certification. Therefore, it will surely benefit if you do a PMP certification to crack a good interview with a company or want to amplify your position in the current company.

Chance of Getting Good Pay with Lucrative Job Prospects

As PMP certification is recognized worldwide and is popular among corporate companies, it positioned you as a highly-payable candidate in the job market.

According to the surveys, the average median salary of a PMP certified product manager is $108000 whereas the average median salary of a non-PMP certified product manager is $91000. Moreover, PMP-certified product managers earned up to 20%more than non-PMP-certified product managers.

This trend is similar in many parts of the world including the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. For a PMP certified female candidate, the chances of getting a high-paid job as a product manager are more than a non-certified candidate. In the future, the demand for PMP certified candidates will increase creating more highly paid job opportunities.

Great Network Opportunity

With roughly 773840 active members of PMP certifications, PMI frequently arranges global meetings among the PMP-certified product managers. These meetings are highly resourceful and provide great networking among all the managers.

Freshly certified candidates can get a huge amount of experienced-based knowledge from PMP-certified product managers with more than 10 years of experience through these meetings.

Project Management Professional Certification

Learn and Adapt Some Important Skills

To stand out from the crowd you can enroll yourself in the PMP certification program. This certification will sharpen your knowledge and skills to an advanced level.

Passing the PMP certification examination is not an easy task. The exam needs extensive preparation, undivided attention, and zest to learn and implement the skills learned through this course.

PMP certification will equip you with many hard and soft skills that are necessary and fruitful in your career as a product manager. It will help you to prepare yourself with the concepts that are required to work as a successful product manager, sometimes even beyond.

Validation about the Seriousness towards the Job

PMP certification holds quite high standards and to meet that standard, you must dedicate a considerable amount of time. The length of time needed to complete your certification goes up to 60 months and if you graduate then up to 36 months.

As stated before, the PMP certification examination is a tough job and involves a huge amount of learning. The fact that you possess this certification proves your seriousness towards the job. Many companies values candidates that are eager to learn more. Hence, PMP certification validates your dedication and seriousness towards your job and career.

Industry Reorganization

As mentioned before, PMP certification is recognized globally and holds great value. PMP- certified product managers reflect themselves as dedicated, dependable, and serious candidates and hence, get more interview calls and lucrative offers.

This scenario tells us the perception of corporate companies towards PMP certification. Therefore, doing a PMP certification is always the best decision.


As discussed, there are several perks and benefits of doing PMP certification. Though it is expensive and costumes lots of money and time, it is worth it when you get a highly paid job with global recognition. PMP-certified individuals are considered as great and dependable assets and thus PMP certified product managers are highly in demand.

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