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5 Best Free 2D/3D Modeling CAD Software For Designing

If you have used CAD software or even dabbled with it, you would comprehend the fact that CAD software is an integral part of the industry. From designing a product or product development, the entire cycle is affected by the software. Thus, using a right software makes the task easy. Well, the use of CAD software is not merely restricted to engineering and architecture.

Instead, it finds applications in myriad fields like video games, animation, medical, etc. Due to this, there has been an acclivity growth of the CAD software and training centers, Dream Zone Hazratganj is a great place to learn the basics and advanced versions of CAD software.

5 Best Free 2D/3D Modeling CAD Software For Designing

With the help of the study of the Advanced at Dream Zone Hazratganj, we have created a list of 5 free CAD software that will help you learn and get a hands-on experience of using CAD software without investing too much money.

5 Best Free CAD Software

1. Onshape – It is a free tool for the non-commercial users. Onshape comes with many import and export options and also offers multiple add-ons and integration. It doesn’t use files instead all the data is stored in a database which can be accessed by other users in your group.

Cost: Free

Advanced version: you can get the superior version by paying $125/month per user

Features: Drawing tools, 3D/ robust modeling tools, rendering tools

2. OpenSCAD – It is an open-source CAD program developed for solid 3D models. It is not a converter rather it’s an interpreter. Here the software analyses the files and based on this it creates 3D models. It is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac; you can also use it for 2D outlining and 3D designs.

Cost: Free

Features: Import and export, 2D outline extrusion, 3D model.

3. 3D-Slash – It is a free browser-based 3D modeling tool. 3D slash makes use of building blocks method for designing. This tool is ideal for those who are willing to learn CAD software and are at a beginner’s level. It is perfect for beginners and kids. 3D slash enables you to share the file on social media or else you can send it to a 3D printer.

Cost: Free (standard version)

Basic version: $2/month

For Schools: $8/month

Advanced: Starting at $20/month

Features: Printing, file sync, 3D printer support, social media sharing, basic modeling, painting.

4. DraftSight- It is a 2D CAD program which comes with various features like drawing, editing and drafting tools.

Cost: The standard version is free of charge. However, if you want an advanced version, you need to pay $99 per year.

Features: Drawing tools, 3D/solid modeling tools, rendering tools

5. Fusion 360– It is a perfect tool for hobbyists and startups. Apart from 3D modeling it also has simulation tools. It also comes with mobile functionality.

Cost: Free

Basic : $40/month or if you want to subscribe it annually you need to pay $25/month

Advanced : $190/month or if you’re going to subscribe it annually $125/month

Features: It comes with 3D modeling, drawing and rendering tools.

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