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9 Advantages of False Ceiling By Experts | Dream Zone

Let’s see the Advantages of a False Ceiling, When we talk about our home, we talk about four walls. We do not think of the fifth wall, the most important one, the roof over our heads! The fifth wall, the ceiling is as important as the other four when it comes to creating a beautiful home. You can add to it a design element and turn the room into a style statement easily and cost-effectively by adding a false ceiling.

What is a false ceiling?

False ceilings is the ceiling made beneath the main ceiling and are often called secondary ceilings. It is also known as a dropped ceiling and false ceiling has multiple benefits as it keeps the room cool in the summers and warm during winters. Roof Ceiling is made from a wide range of materials such as POP (plaster of Paris), gypsum board, asbestos sheets, particle board, aluminium panel, wood etc.

When false ceilings can be made?

False ceilings can be added when you are building a new house. If you want to overhaul your old home, you can add a false ceiling. You want to hide the unsightly marks of dampness and snake-like electricity wires, add a false ceiling to hide them. When you want to divide a room visually without actually adding a partition a false ceiling can be added.

9 Advantages of False Ceiling

• A false ceiling can change the look and feel of a room completely. A T-bar false ceiling gives the room a modern look. The room can be made to look like a king’s palace by opting for a golden suspended ceiling. A grid ceiling is available in different materials and shapes and sizes. .

Advantages Of False Ceiling

• A false ceiling is known by other names such a T-bar, suspended ceiling or a grid ceiling.

• A false ceiling makes the room cooler. If the roof is exposed to direct sunlight, it can get heated in the summer. AT bar- ceiling creates a space between the roof and room which has a cooling effect.

• A false ceiling helps to save electricity. The air conditioner’s cooling system has to cover a lesser area so the airflow is lessened and electricity is used.

• All the electrical wires are hidden behind the suspended ceiling. This gives the room a neater look. If any repair work has to be carried out, only one panel needs to be taken down.

• Plumbing in the bathroom can be hidden behind a false ceiling.

• If you want to divide a room without adding a partition, a different pattern or colour used in the drop ceiling can create the illusion.

• Natural light is enhanced because the area is reduced. It can be increased by using a mirror or glass in the ceiling.

Use of artificial light can be controlled by the use of energy-efficient fixtures.

Materials used in false ceilings:
• False ceilings are often made of gypsum, a lightweight material.
• T-bar ceilings can be made of fireproof or fire retardant material.
• Rockwool can be used in false ceilings to control the noise level.
• Wood can also be used in creating suspended ceilings.
• Grid ceilings are also made of plastic and fibre.

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