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How to Become an Interior Designer after 12TH?

How to become an Interior Designer after 12th as you are an undergraduate and want to be a professional interior designer? Read on to get your answer or information you need.


Labor Market in India:

We all know India is a developing country. Indian people are still facing difficulties while getting jobs or setting up a business due to a lack of education and finance. To drain it out from the country, and bring opportunities, many options are there nowadays. Now, India is known as Atmanirbhar Bharat, where people can stand up with bright occupations in India only. Even undergraduate or 12th pass students have many more options to set up their careers.

Scope for Undergraduate:

How can I become Interior Designer after 12th which will not hamper their careers due to low education but will only consider their ability and creativity? Considering the undergraduate education of people, both government and private sectors are offering a wide range of courses. These courses will not only give you certificates to add to your career but also offer you great job opportunities. So, what are the courses, and where will you get the chances?

A few of the most exciting and best courses are Fashion Designing, interior designing, photography, jewelry designing, graphic designing, and more. So, today, we will discuss interior design, its courses, and its scope in India for 12th pass or undergraduate.  

What is Interior Designing?

How can I become an Interior designer after 12th is all about how a person modifies a space. It is nothing else than our daily surroundings where we live and its beauty. It all indicates our frequent places where we usually spend our time, such as our comfortable residence, functional workplace/commercial area, hotels, etc. It is the concept of combining space with a pleasing look. It is the art of creating the living or working space more comfortable, practical, and beautiful. Nowadays, many people like you, and I also want to live a life with pleasing surrounding and comfortable lifestyles, which implies a well-maintained interior.

Many connect interior design with the interior decoration of a space, but it is not the same. Interior designing and decoration are different. Interior designing is to create an aesthetical environment for the people using the specific space with the color combination, lighting, etc. whereas, interior decoration is to set up your home accessories or decorating kinds of stuff at the right place. And, these two are not the same.

Scope of Interior Designing after 12th:

How can i become Interior Designer after 12th.

If you are an undergraduate and looking to have a career in this profile, contact the top interior designing institute in Lucknow. You will get to know the importance of this work/ market value and opportunities for you. A few of those reasons have a wide range of scope, such as people having a small home usually want to make it spacious and bigger in look.

People with big houses want to design their space in a proper way using every corner. Not only a home but also shops, restaurants, showrooms these days want to make their space more attractive and look different. Commercial buildings or offices are also a part of these who demand a unique look.

Few of the places or industries where you have chances to get opportunities are interior design firms, infrastructure, and property developers, Architects, architectural companies, interior designing shops, and much more. Apart from this, a professional interior designer can also set up his/her own business or can do freelancing works to get a handsome amount.

But, to become an expert designer and to get a good opportunity, a certified degree, creative ideas, a good experience, and much more should be the primary consideration. So, what are the minimum skills you need to have for a professional interior designer?

The skill required for a Professional Interior Designer:

How can I become an Interior designer after 12th and education is the key to a career? It is the best medium to get the interior designing skills. A degree or certified course can give you the chance to beat the challenge and get seekers’ attention. Because the client generally wants to hire a certified designer with good experience. Becoming a renowned interior designer requires creative ideas, thorough research, professionalism, how to use a space, etc. that not only offer eye-catching designs, colors, or look but also impress the client with their behavior. Let us give you detailed information on it.

Interest to Passion – The very foremost step to this phase is, love your passion. To have a successful career, you need to follow your passion because all these you are going to do for your own choice and the interest, which needs to level up. So, you will never feel like working and start enjoying what it is! 

Certified Education – One can avoid education and can start interior design as well. But have you ever supposed and thought its demerits? You can lose big deals that may need certified designers. Additionally, you may not aware of the concepts like electricity, bearing walls, plumbing, etc. which are the few most crucial things in designing the interior. So, to become a professional in this field, a certified interior designing course can only flip you up.

Customer-friendly Behavior – At Dream Zone, you will also know how to impress your client and provide a good service. All the persons are not the same. According to budget, criteria, and area, you must face different clients with different requirements. In this case, we will teach you how to give a perfect solution. It is not enough.

As a professional designer, you must have a power of mind reading. Yes, try to observe what your client exactly want and how to serve it. You need to manage both the design and the client’s requirements parallel.

Suitable Portfolio – It is not always about your idea, but you may also need your work experience in those specific cases. So, you must have an arranged portfolio that includes various personal works of yours. It can also help you to develop goodwill and grab more connections for future opportunities.

Modern & Updated – Like other platforms, interior fields are also looking for trendy partners who can provide the latest design or creative interior. So, as a designer, you need to have up-to-date knowledge and ideas about the current market of interior design. And, to make this possible, Dream Zone is there to build you up.

Why Dream Zone Lucknow ?

Meeting the quality standards of ISO (9001:2015), Dream Zone is known as one of the leading designing institutes in Indian providing interior design courses after 12th. We strive to provide education and the chances of income to the undergraduate people or 12th pass candidates. In our years of journey, we have experienced a very strong presence in the education industry, and this gives us the edge. We gain both name and fame by facing lots of ups and downs, but our dedication and willingness pay off.

We prove ourselves and standing as the key to the future of many more candidates. In 2020, we also got the award as the Best Fashion and Design Institute in India by Asia Education Summit and Awards. Besides that, we have got many other applause and awards in our till now journey.

At Dream Zone Hazratganj Lucknow, we offer a wide range of competitive undergraduate diploma courses in interior design. We not only provide courses to train you but also offer placement assistance and 100% placements to drive a good profile. We have an experienced team of faculties who have live experience in interior design. They will not only teach you interior design but also share their life experience to get a practical overview. We also have well-furnished classrooms with advanced availability.

Moreover, our syllabuses are designed carefully by keeping our students and the modern or up-to-date advanced trendy demands of people in mind. Not only clients or students, but our courses are also well-designed according to future requirements and market as well. So, our course will not only give academic skills but also can provide vast ideas on market. As a citizen of India, we also understand the reason behind your under-graduation. Considering those factors in mind we are offering courses at a friendly fee. So, every standard of people can afford this and build their career in a new way.

Dream Zone is not limited to interior designing but also provides diverse courses in the field of photography, fashion designing, web designing and development, graphics and animation, jewelry designing, and more. Whether you are interested to build your career in any of the above platforms or interior designing, visit our institute directly or contact us at

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