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How To Design Fashion Portfolio in Easy Steps | Dream Zone

Designing fashion portfolio can be described as a passport in the fashion world. It’s that golden key through which one can flaunt their inherent talent and skill that he/she poses to a prospective employer or a fashion school.

Here in this post, you will learn complete process about How You Can Design A Fashion Portfolio in Easy Steps.

A budding fashion designer can make a collection of all his/her samples by making a fashion portfolio.

A basic fashion portfolio includes various fashion illustrations, mood board also called inspiration boards, textiles, and flat sketches.

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Design Fashion Portfolio

The whole idea behind submitting your portfolio is to show the assigned authority that you have the ability in fashion design.

These artist’s skills serve as a foundation pillar for your fashion education, so great importance should be given and high lighting them when making your portfolio.

There are three types of major portfolio: working, display, and assessment portfolio.

The most commonly used portfolio is the documentation portfolio. This portfolio is also called the working portfolio.

It is done by collecting the works of the students. It aims at showing the development, progress, and growth of the students.

A portfolio is an important visual self-promoting sales tool of any designer, fashion student. You can make a portfolio according to your needs.

A good portfolio can be of 2-4 pages per project, depending on the physical work, the number of sketches, and the size of the project.

Some tips that can prove to be useful for the fashion students in making their portfolio are mentioned below:

Design Fashion Portfolio
  1. Be careful in choosing the matter that you will include.
  2. Focus on your strongest points.
  3. Creative works and unique patterns should always be included.
  4. Always go for a variety.
  5. Get yourself updated with the current market trends.
  6. Go high resolution.

There are some negative points that should not be included in a fashion portfolio as it hampers the student’s personality:

  1. Don’t cater to the wrong audience.
  2. Lack of context.
  3. Too much pomp and show.
  4. False and incomplete information.
  5. Out of date fashion.

When a portfolio is first seen there are certain things the employers are looking for, below are the highlights:

Design Fashion Portfolio
  1. What you are specialized in.
  2. Sharp, clear beautiful designs.
  3. The project summary.
  4. Good presentation.
  5. Correct spelling and grammar
  6. How to contact you.

As a fashion designer when should love one’s work. It is hard to be critical of what to include and what to exclude, but it’s the part and parcel of the job.

So to this pivotal task, you need an accurate self-assessment, have the confidence to trust your judgment in choosing the right project.

A portfolio is about quality, not quantity. It should include design that best speak brands you are targeting.

Designers don’t just make clothes that can be worn or showcased at fashion week or shows but they create ART.

In the end, I would like to conclude from a quote of RALPH LAUREN 《 I DONT DESIGN CLOTHES, I DESIGN DREAMS 》

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