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Fashion On A Budget: 5 Ways To Style Affordably | Dream Zone

Fashion On A Budget is all needed to be fashionable, but my pocket is not deep enough. How can I fulfill my desires without spending a fortune? Normal is boring.

Being fashionable is expensive. The no man’s land between these two battlegrounds is exciting and challenging.

Every would-be fashionista’s cry is “I don’t have anything to wear!” With a little sense of fashion and creativity, you would be able to reincarnate a fashion in you.

Yet, your wardrobe is bursting at the seams and clothes are tumbling out. Be brave -wear what you possess in different ways and combinations. It is not important to keep buying new clothes to look fashionable and do Fashion On A Budget.

The trick is to always look different; it is important to stand out in a crowd. Fashion On A Budget

Whatever you wear should be “you.” Your outfit must make heads turn. It should compliment you and earn you compliments. This happens if you are comfortable with what you are wearing.

If you step out confidently feeling that you are smartly dressed, then you will appear smart. Enter a room with a spring in your step with your head held high and created a sensation.

Here are five easy ways to appear fashionable:

Fashion On A Budget: 5 Ways To Style Affordably

1. Let’s create a sensation by wearing a hat.

Every occasion calls for a hat. No one can look outdated in one. Wear a wispy one or that large floppy one to make people look at you. So long as it is different from what everyone is wearing, your standing among the fashionable folk will go up.

2. Wear dark glasses.

Add to the mystery of “you.” The allure of seeing the eyes so mysteriously hidden behind dark glasses is irresistible. Even if you are indoors, it will be intriguing to keep on those glasses to be fashionable.

3. Wear a jacket.

A motorcycle jacket adds to the oomph factor. Wear it over your shoulders for effect. You should not wear sleeves — that’s so yesterday. Remember you are not wearing it to keep the cold out. You are wearing it only to be fashionable.

Leave your shirt half- tucked, messily. It stands out among all the properly tucked in ones.

4. Wear contrasting clothes:
Your clothes should not only be color-contrasted but also size contrasted. If you want to wear a long flowy skirt, people will expect a frilly blouse. Shock them. It is sure to make people stare with envy.

5. Carrying your handbag:
A handbag can add to your fashion quotient in unimaginable ways. Carry a bag with a shoulder strap and don’t hang it from your shoulder. Wear it crosswise and dangle it in the front for effect.

Make your style unique. It does not cost much to be different. People will crave to see what you are going to do next and that in a nutshell is being fashionable.

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