Introduction to Graphic Designing & Fashion Designing

Both graphic designing and fashion designing are art. If you are an artist and if you have a keen flare of artistic perspective, you will enjoy walking in either of both industries. When people say converting Passion into a career these kinds of jobs are what they mean by it, graphic designing and fashion designing are dream jobs for many.

Given the digital media takeover in the world, graphic designers are well in demand. To be a designer in either industry one needs to have a certain set of skill sets and a fair amount of experience in the field to be recruited by reputed companies but if you are working as a freelancer then the case is different.

What do Graphic Designing and Fashion Designing have in Common?

The most common grounds of similarity between graphic designing and fashion designing are the fact that both come from an artistic place. Both graphic designing and fashion designing require quite an amount of time to perfect the skill set or to Polish it to shine and stand ahead of many in the industry.

Just like many fields, the graphic designing and fashion designing industry is also saturated, but if you give enough time and polish your skills along with added learnings you will be able to stand out from the rest and be noticed by many.

Apart from the common similarities, there are a lot of things that connect these two industries, for example, a lot of the designs that are used in fashion designing are graphical designs or prints so you can see how both of them are linked with each other.

And as a fashion designer, you also learn a bit of graphic designing so that you can incorporate that in your clothing designs, whereas, when it comes to graphic designing you also learn a bit of fashion-based work since you have to create different graphics for different clothing if you’re working as a graphic designer in the apparel industry.

Scope of Graphic Designers and Interior Designers

Graphic Designing and Interior Designing scope are immense and wide. There are a lot of job opportunities for both Graphic designers and Interior designers. As a graphic designer, you could be working in a marketing company or you could be working in a visual-based media company or you could be an illustrator in a magazine company or you could be working in an apparel company for their graphical prints or you could be freelancing with your skills set and providing your own services to many clients.

As a fashion designer, you have a lot of options to get into. You could be a lead fashion designer in the major apparel companies, you could be a fashion adviser in the modeling events, you could be teaching in a fashion designing college or you could be running your own apparel or clothing business.

These are just a few examples that I have pulled out to give you a brief idea about how much scope you have in the graphic designing industry and fashion designing industry if you dig more and do a lot more research you will find that there are thousands of other jobs that these two industries will fetch you but what sets them apart or what ensures your credibility in the field is your skillset experience knowledge and finesse.


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Criteria to Choose the Right One Among Both

What do you like more Graphic designing or Interior designing? Ask yourself and if you’re confused look back in your past and think about it to what you have been attracted to most what grabbed your attention most the graphic designing examples or the booming fashion trends?  Believe me, the answer to this question is within yourself.

Once you’re done selecting your industry, either graphic designing or fashion designing, you can then dwell inside that particular field you choose and find a subcategory for you to specialize in, for example like I said graphic designers can work in the marketing industry also they can also be a freelancer or they can also work in real estate or fashion graphic designing, etc.

Think about what do you like to design more do you like to design a T-shirt or do you like to design logos or posters or do you like to design posters related to real estate buildings infrastructure or are you more into game designing? think about it and know what your strong side is, then you will be able to fix the right spot for you in the industry.

The same goes for fashion designing, think about what part of fashion designing are you more into. Pick that, nourish it, polish it and make it shine among the rest so you stand out and every time somebody requires a skill set or service such as yours, they will pick you up and scoop you in for a good opportunity.

How to Get Started?

Well, every industry requires the right skills and well-trained skilled human resources and whether you choose graphic designing or interior designing they require the same too.  So, it is rather more logical to do a fashion designing course or graphic designing course as your first step in getting into either of the industries.

Once you are done with that, you can totally focus on nourishing those skills that you have learned from the institute so that you are good at what you do because every year, thousands of graphic designers and fashion designers pass out from Institutes but what fetches them 100% jobs or opportunities is based on how many of them have focused on polishing their knowledge and polishing their skills, that they have learned.

Best Place to do the Graphic Designing and Fashion Designing Course

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