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Interior Designers Career as a Color Consultant | DreamZone Lucknow

Interior designing is a great career, but many of us limit its growth to just designing home and office spaces. But, this is a vast field and we have many career options lying in front of us.

At Dream Zone Hazratganj & Alambagh we help you explore myriads of options that will help you choose the right career. Moreover, we also let you know which field can be the best for you.

Color consultant is also a great career option for those who are pursuing their careers in interior designing.

At Dream Zone Alambagh & Hazratganj we train our candidates on all the aspects of interior designing so, here we bring a new zone of interior designing which you can explore; Color Consultant.

This term might sound astounding to many, but the color constant is a great career option for those who are pursuing a career in interior designing.

A professional person in this domain understands what the psychological impact of colors on the human mind is and how it can influence the ambiance of the house.

A color consultant helps in making the right color choice. The kind of color you use in your room affects the spaciousness for example, light colors like white make the room appear more prominent.

Similarly, the dark colors may make it look smaller. The job of the color consultant is to suggest the right color choices so that your room looks spacious and big.

As a color consultant, you can work alone or with an interior designing firm.

How to become a color consultant/Interior Designers

Interior Designers Career as a Color Consultant

If you want to become a color consultant then here is what you need to do :

1. Apply for the interior designing course: To become a color consultant, you must first obtain a degree in interior designing.

Colour Consultation study is a part of the interior designing course. At Dream Zone Hazartganj you will get complete insight about the interior designing courses.

2. Become an Assistant- After you have completed your course, you may become a consultant in a company or get the hands-on experience by working with an experienced interior designer.

What are you required to do as a color consultant-

You must be able to deliver professional consultation to the customer regarding color choices.

You must be able to tell the client how a particular color can impact the look of your house.

As a color consultant, you must be able to provide a complete solution to the client regarding coloring and painting their house.

What are the various job options after completing the course?

Once you have completed the interior designing course, there are myriads of job options for the color consultant.

1. You can be a freelancer and offer your services to various companies and clients.
2. You can start your own business.
3. Try working with an experienced interior designer.
4. Many paint companies are now looking for color consultants, so there is a huge potential in this domain.

Our Role: Dream Zone Hazratganj offers certification and master diploma in the interior designing course. Our center keeps you abreast with the demand in the market and trains you for the same.

To explore more about our courses, contact us today.

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