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Know About Pattern Making & 3 Methods Of Pattern Making

Pattern making is an art. It’s an inherent talent that some people possess and when you find the right channel to showcase your talent. This quality is upgraded and polished to the maximum level.

The talent to manipulate a common piece of fabric according to your satisfaction can be described as pattern making.

The development of a garment comprises of a different process. The most important element or thing is to keep in mind is the FIT. This is the deciding factor in the acceptance and rejection of your designed garments. The fit of a particular person and a particular garment differs from person to person. DARTS are the basis of all pattern making.

The advantage of a dart is that it gives a three-dimensional look to the plain-looking fabric, to accommodate the bulges of a person’s body. The very foundation of pattern making is the basic pattern made by the maker. The basic sketch is always two dimensional in nature.

Flat pattern design is the starting point of a basic pattern.

Know About Pattern Making & 3 Methods Of Pattern Making

The initial pattern is designed to fit the body to help in the easy movement and always provide comfort. The actual design of a pattern will only come alive if the initial sketch or the original draft is crafted out perfectly. If you want more information about the sketch, cutting, etc. DREAMZONE LUCKNOW is the perfect place.

Pattern making is a blueprint for the garment and the basis of which the fabric is cut. Basically it’s the rough drawing of the actual piece of garment. There are various tips that students can follow:

# all the needed tools, supplies, fabrics, etc. should be there with you.

# The pattern making rulers can be tricky, so learn how to use them.

# Pick a favorite garment of you and practice your tracing.

# allowance of ease and seam should be always kept in mind.

Methods of pattern making:

  1. DRAFTING: The measurement that is taken of a person to determine the size of the person, measurement of the chest, waist, hip, and so on. The ease allowance is marked on paper and the construction lines are drawn where ever it is needed on the paper. Drafting is the basic step for making the final garment.
  2. Draping: – This is an act of joining two pieces of clothes that is two dimensional in nature around the mannequin so that a rough shape can appear. Don’t forget to add the ease allowances so that the garment will be comfortable to wear. But this is time-consuming
  3. Flat Pattern Making: – In this step the fitted basic pattern with ease so that a person can see its fitting. A slope is used and it’s the starting point of flat Pattern Making. These basic slopes are then used accordingly to create fashion.

Pattern making can be very complicated as the technical aspect of the process comes into play. It requires a high degree of skill, knowledge, and ambition in the maker for a successful pattern to be drafted.

A necessary component in the fashion design a pattern is the very basic level for every item of clothing.  The pattern making process is very tedious and a long learning path. To learn this whole process a student should enroll him/her in a good institute.

DREAMZONE LUCKNOW is one such institute where the full course of pattern design is taught.

So happy designing for you!

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