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Mobilography- A new trend in photography | Dream Zone

Mobilography the latest mobile phone advertisements do not advertise the quality of sound their phone will give to its buyer. They proudly announce that the phone has a retractable camera. The emphasis is on the quality of pictures the inbuilt camera takes, the kind of camera the phone has. The weight and appearance of the phone seem unimportant. Well, this has given rise to a new trend and that is mobilography.

What is Mobilography?

Mobilography, in simple terms, is all the pictures you click with your mobile phone, or any other such device, the primary use of which is not for photography.

If you click pictures or “pix” as they are now popularly known today, then you can call yourself a mobilographer.

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The camera on your mobile phone is very important because you tend to click pictures where ever you go. You do not need to lug along heavy-duty photography equipment to shoot.

True, that the picture quality is not extraordinary, but the moment you have captured is important to you. It is a precious memory.

Why is it a trend?

People love to share with the world what they ate, what they saw, how they looked, and whom they met.

They can do this with ease and inexpensively. Mobilograhy comes to their aid each time they want to share their feelings with people who matter to them.

It is not necessary for a mobilographer to share a “pic” with all his contacts. He can choose with whom to share that moment in his life
Mobilographers are only interested in the picture, not in technical excellence.

Even so, there are many apps available built into mobile phones to make the photograph better after the picture is taken. This is what makes mobilography such a popular trend today.

When did mobilography start?

Ever since mobile phones and other such devices started having cameras, people have been using those instead of “photography only” equipment.

Slowly the trend picked up and instead of cameras, mobile phones, tablets, and other such devices were used for taking pictures.

They started using the device to photograph every conceivable happening, at any conceivable place and time. It became easier with each passing generation of mobile phones which came with more sophisticated cameras and flashes.

We cannot actually put a date to the advent of mobilography.

The World Mobilography Society was formed in the spring of 2004. It aimed at giving a common platform to all those who were interested in this form of photography.

Soon this trend has transformed into an art form. The World Mobilograpy Society organizes worldwide conferences and exhibitions to give a fillip to this genre of art.

So go ahead, use your mobile and keep forever all the beauty you ever experience.

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