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Outdoor decors that will make you spellbound

When it comes to our home, we all want it spick and spank. It won’t be wrong to claim that we all wish to have a house which is an embodiment of our lifestyle and personality. It should be beautiful, extravagant and plush. Well, you now have interior designers and architects who will help you bring your dreams into reality.

Dream Zone enables you to understand the basic of interior designing, make use of simple things and convert the best from the rest. The art of designing is not only about bringing new things in life, but it’s also about turning what you have into something which is out of this world. Dream Zone has extracted the ideas from some of the best interior designers and has put together in this blog. So, if you wish to create a magic in your house, go ahead and read further.

Outdoor decors- Let’s get the ball rolling-

  1. Get quirky outdoors– Don’t get me wrong, what I mean here is to experiment with the outdoors. Often we undermine this portion of the house. You can play with it; for example, if you ample space outside, why not create a small lounging area for yourself, say, an area for sun-basking. You can also add some outdoor furniture, a simple bamboo table and chair will do the job. If this isn’t your way, try adding a swing to this place. You can also enjoy a barbecue time with your friends over the weekend. The idea is to use the space optimally.
  2. Splash of greenery– What if you don’t have an outdoor area? The question is right, and in times like today, when we have squeezed up space, we don’t have too much space for a garden, what you can do here is create a small garden in the balcony. It’s very simple, you can incorporate big pots with plants like palms, creepers etc. These form a perfect splash of greenery in your house and keep it cool during the summer.
  3. The water element- This is yet another excellent idea for those who love petrichor. You can create a small pool or place an artificial fountain. This will complete the look of your house and make it look beautiful as well.
  4. Add colour blocking- Well, 2018 is all about brightness, so why not use the same when it comes to designing your house as well. Choose bold, bright colours like magenta, mellow yellow, red, orange, etc. They look beautiful in the green background and will instantly brighten up the ambiance of your house.
  5. Create wilderness – If you like waking up to the chirping of birds, you don’t have to do much, just add a bird feeder or two in your premises and you will soon see some chirpy birds hopping out there. Moreover, you can also add some garden accessories in your plant’s pot which will create a perfect hobbit environment in your little space.

If you have found these ideas interesting, try using them at your place and let us know your feedback on the same. To know more of such exciting stuff keep on reading new ideas from Interior Designing Training Institute.

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