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Role of Fabric in Fashion Designing | Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is a growing field which is witnessing numerous changes every day. There are various factors that come together to create fashion and style statement.

Fashion Design is a course that enables you to convert even a small piece of cloth into a style statement. Well, it all lies in the mind and hands of fashion designer what they create from the raw materials.

Fabrics are an integral part of fashion designing, choosing the right type of fabric and of right material helps you create master pieces. Only the right type of fabric will help you give the finesse to your designed clothes.

Thus, having completed knowledge about types of fabric will help you achieve the desired result. At Dream Zone Hazratganj centre, we help you create designs and clothes that are class apart.

We provide you complete knowledge about fabrics and its types so that you know which type of fabric will help you achieve the desired result.

With the help of our fashion designing courses we help you stay abreast with the knowledge and updates about fashion designing. We help you know about the right colours, their combinations, accurate fabric, patterns & style design so that you can create a perfect outfit every time.

How does fashion designer work?

The work of a fashion designer is simple, the designer first creates a sketch of the outfit and drape fabric on it. When the sketch is completed, the final pattern is created for the outfit via computer.

Role of Fabric in Fashion Designing

This is followed by choosing the the right type of fabric for the garment. Each fabric should be chosen correctly to create desired results.

For this you need complete information about Role of Fabric in Fashion Designing.

At Dream Zone Alambagh Centre you know everything about fabric, the importance of their texture, weight and pattern and how does each of them play a key role in creating fabulous designs.

You should choose the fabric based on the type of clothes you are creating and for whom it is being created:

Infant Clothing– If you are designing clothes for the babies, you must know that their skin is sensitive and hence you need clothes which are soft to skin, breathable and comfortable.

You should go for soft and knitted fabrics. These are very popular and are a perfect choice for kids clothing. Cotton fabrics are the best.

Toddler- If you are designing clothes for toddlers then you must make sure that the fabric should offer protection and comfort.

Toddlers are very active and move a lot, thus, the fabric of the clothes should be stretchable, comfortable and soft. Also the fabric should not collect soil and dirt.

For Adults- Cotton, thin cambric, poplin, rayon are the popular choices when it comes to choosing fabric for designing clothes for adults.

Our Role: Dream Zone Hazratganj & Alambagh is a leading institute providing knowledge and courses in fashion designing.

We have certified and trained professionals who help you understand the nitty-gritty of fashion designing and create masterpieces every time.

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