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Why 3d Modeling Software are in great demand and how are they better than 2D Drafting Software?


The world of designing has evolved very drastically if you take the bracket of the last three decades. A lot of conventional design techniques are now replaced with new technologies and their possibilities. Back in the day, designers used to scribble things on paper and make a digital 2d version of it to be used in animations and other projects based on which industry they belonged to.

Now, the whole process of draft design has shifted from paper to pad. The perspective of 2d has been minimized by the demand for 3d renders and outputs.

With great technologies comes higher expectations and the new generations can’t take bad graphics and unrealistic representation. They require more of a rather close to life like the output to get the actual perspective of things instead of imagining things.

Human beings have always been creative, always curious, always in search of the next best way to represent something. What was a standard 30 years back is an amateur output today and what is today’s reality was yesterday’s dream!

The same schematics are applied in every phase of generations. In the world of modeling too, 3d rendering has brought such an impact on the expectations of clients and businesses.

Why 3D Modeling Software is in Great Demand?

When you say 3D modeling software, it’s a broad topic of conversation. Given the fact that almost every industry some or the other way use the 3d modeling software some or the other way, it makes it a dense topic if we dig each discipline of its use. And, in the first place is itself the very first reason why 3D modeling is so much in demand.

If you talk about movies, people are done with fake-looking unrealistic graphics. People know about 3dx Max, chroma key, blue screen, motion tracking, VFX compositing ad all that backend process. They instantly catch bad work when they see one. Internet to be blamed now everyone is an expert in everything!

In such a generation, if a business showcases its prototype of the product in very knockoff level graphics or rendering, it’s a big turn-off for investors. Well, some have learned it easily and some have learned it a hard way!

Either way, the lesson is learned. 3D modeling is the current standard of the industry. Given the availability of technology, the clients in the business expect the services to be up to the latest technological standards.

For example, in a real estate business, when an investor is ready to invest in infrastructure, he will expect a 3d prototype render before investing to see how the final structure will look like. In the same way in the mechanical engineering field, before a mechanism is set to be built the 3d prototype will be expected by the client to review before sanctioning the fund. I could keep on giving the example for all the industries like this but you get my point already so we will just move on.

How is 3d Modeling Software Better than 2d Drafting Software?

We see the world in 3D and what we see is what we expect in the world of digital 3d modeling as of today.

If you deduct one dimension of an object from it what you get is an image. An image is called 2d because you can only see two dimensions of it. It is flat and less perpetually accurate and less detailed.

The challenges faced when utilizing a 2D image are immense. You could not possibly perceive the real-life render of a product by just looking at a 2D render of it. Think about it yourself, can you picture the image of an apple and perceive its 3d aspect? Yes, you can imagine it but imaginations cannot be taken into fact when you use them in calculation right? In the same way, when you think about a 2D structure of a real estate project you cannot possibly rotate the structure in a virtual environment and see all its sides, can you? Well, there you have it, that is why it is always better to have 3D models compared to 2D drafts as the data represented is more or collected is more. And as a universal fact, when the data or information is more, your conclusion of perception will be more accurate or it will make more sense.

Most of the 3D modeling software can simulate environments and collect the positioning data, calculate physical mass, sculpt and create animations. Whereas, 2D modeling software lacks such a vast density of information representation.

Let’s make a comparison of two different software with both 3D and 2D capabilities but different use of it:

On one hand, we have AutoCAD which can be used to model both 2D and 3D elements. It has industry-specific tools based on what you do and in what industry you are using it. It can create and edit 2D geometry, alter and sculpt models, annotate drawings with text, dimensions leaders and tables. It can extract data related to an object onto a table or attach and import data from a PDF file. On the other hand, we have Revit which is majorly used in architectural projects and to be very specific it is used for crafting architectural designs, structural engineering, MEP engineering and detailing, prototype rough design of high scale infrastructural projects, etc.

Though both the software has 3D as well as 2D capabilities, cad modeling techniques come in handy more on a contextual basis. You can use 3D Max or Google Sketch or Google Sketchup or Maya or Blender or Cinema 4D for all the aspects but when you have custom-crafted software made for industry-specific use, it is more sensible to use it as it is made to make the workflow fast in that particular industry.

2D and 3D are just a concept of visualization and in a pool of designing and modeling software. Its usage is wider than any particular industry or discipline. Depending on which industry you belong to, you must choose and develop the skill in that particular tool to be at your prime in your field. If you are more into architectural modeling then Revit is the right choice for you but if you are into engineering components then AutoCAD is the way to go. For gaining skills in infrastructural modeling, you must do Revit Course Training in Lucknow and if you are more into mechanical-based designing and modeling you must enroll yourself for AutoCAD training in Lucknow.


The 2D modeling has its perks but if you balance the pros and cons, the 3D modeling is the winner. The software and tools related to that are surely expensive than 2D drafters but if the industry demand is 3D, you cannot help but adapt to it.

3D modeling software demands powerful systems and a much wider learning curve, the best part is, just like the modeling technology is evolving even learning technology is too and you can start learning the required 3d cad modeling techniques skill at the CADD Centre in Lucknow. It is the best AutoCAD institute in Lucknow. 3dx Max Training in Lucknow should be your first step to the 3D modeling career.

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