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Electrical CADD

Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the technology of electricity. It involves the study and application of physics and mathematics in electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Electrical engineers design electrical equipment and electronic products – from microchips & computers to electric power networks – and any other products that process information and transmit energy.

The primary tasks of Electrical Engineers, say in designing an electronics product is circuit designing or Schematic diagram.

Electrical Circuit designers have the responsibility of designing electronic circuits that make up electrical systems. Other responsibilities circuit designers have include designing different types of circuits and boards and creating signal processing filters. The minimum educational requirement is a bachelor of science in engineering, some employers require a master’s of electrical engineering. Since circuit designs change frequently, this career requires a great amount of continuing education to keep up with technology updates.

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Electrical Circuit desingers work in a variety of engineering industries including aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, defence, electronics, consumer goods, marine, materials & metals, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, power generation, rail, telecom, and utilities.Because circuit technology is constantly changing, new and updated circuits are continuously needed. For this reason, circuit designers should expect good employment opportunities in years to come.

The Role of Electrical CADD

An Electrical CADD software can automate all design tasks and facilitate drafting productivity. You can easily create electrical and electronic diagrams, schematics, control circuit diagrams, and documentation.

It would be as easy as placing electrical symbols and attaching the wires. You can then number the symbols, wires and tag components – doing so manually will be time-consuming and will not be accurate. CAD software will have a library of all electrical symbols, and they catch problems instantly.

In short, CAD software can save your time, reduce errors and enhance design communication.

Electrical CADD Courses Online

You can learn the following electrical CAD software:

CAD Softwares for Electrical Engineers

AutoCAD courses for Electrical Engineers online is a specialist control panel of Autodesk. The AutoCAD electrical software increases the productivity levels of up to 80% when compared to the traditional methods of 2D drafting. The sound knowledge of the software can enable the electrical engineers to exploit the surplus availability of specially developed electrical drafting tools to enhance the productivity.

AutoCAD 3D is among one of the prominent Computer Aided Designing (CAD). AutoCAD software for Electrical engineers helps the users to design ideas, visualize the concepts, and simulate the performance of designs in the real world.


Students pursuing diploma or degree courses in Graduation in Electrical Engineering can enroll AutoCAD courses. For more details, please download the course summary.

Job Titles

Electrical Engineering Students who have completed these basic AutoCAD courses can apply for the jobs of Circuit Design Engineer / Electrical Designer / Control Engineer / Energy Transmission Engineer

Entry-level Salary

Upto Rs 3 lakh per annum (in India)

Diploma and Professional Courses

Cadd Centre Lucknow offer Diploma and Professional courses that give you a sound knowledge of AutoCAD Electrical software equip you to be job-ready for specific design jobs in electrical and electronics. With every course, you will learn more than one software, you will learn engineering concepts, undertake projects, and learn all about project management and project management software. Check out some of the complete CAD courses we offer:

Professional in Electrical CAD

The professional in electrical CADD focuses on carrying out electrical designs; this ensures that participants are equipped with skills to become CAD Engineers or Electrical designers. As the course also covers project management concepts and tools, participants are equipped to be project managers and planning engineers as well. This holistic approach ensures that all requirements of the electrical design space are addressed.


Students pursuing diploma or degree courses in Graduation in Electrical Engineering can enroll in these courses. For more details, please download the course summary.

Diploma in Electrical CADD

The diploma in electrical CADD equips the students with the fundamentals of the different software needed for electrical design. This course ensures that participants perfect their skills of electrical computer aided design and drafting.


Students pursuing diploma, degree courses or Graduation in Electrical Engineering can enroll in AutoCAD courses for Electrical Engineers. For more details, please download the course summary.

Best Electrical CADD Training in Lucknow

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