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How is 3D Printing Changing the Medical Industry?

3D printing, the latest addition to the CAD technology has taken the world by storm. It has transformed various industries. Most of the people associate 3D printing with engineering, designing prototype and mechanical parts.

But, what catches the attention here is that this technology finds application in various unconventional fields. I will be highlighting on its application in the medical field.

The blend of science and technology can transform the world. It can give rise to various products and equipments which will simplify our lives. Here is how 3D printing is changing the medical field.

3D Printing in the Medical Domain

Every year, 3D printing offers some promising changes in the healthcare field. Although these developments are overwhelming, we are still far away from the goal of printing whole organ for transplants.

But still, 3D printing is changing the medical world in the never imagined form. Here is a glimpse at this revolutionary change in the field of medical science:

  • Low-Cost Prosthetics– printing prosthetics is one of the most significant applications of 3D printing. It has spurred the production of low-cost prosthetics which can be easily afforded by those who need it the most.Maker Bot-style printers are making a huge impact on developing nations. The prosthetics laced with the latest technology are changing the lives of people who in the past had no hope of receiving such kind of aid.

ROMP (Range of Motion Project) and Not Impossible use 3D printing techniques to develop low-cost prosthetic, orthotic braces and limbs.

E-Nable also promotes the engineers to build arms and hands on their using 3D printing. The organization has delivered approximately 1800 hands, and the beneficiaries majorly include the children.

  • Tailored Medical Implants- Well, the good thing about medical technology is that it has come as a ray of hope for those who needed implants.Many 3D printed replacements for body parts like ankles, knees, hips, few parts of the spine and skull are implanted every year. With so much being developed today, the future appears to be more promising in this field.
  • Custom-made Aids and Protective Devices- With the help of this technology, you can develop high-quality, cost-effective dental implants, hearing aid, headgear that fits better and offers better protection.
  • Biomaterials for Organ Structures and Complex Organs- Well, with the kind of changes that we are observing in the field of medical technology, the time is not far when we will have 3D printing used for developing organ structures and complex organs.Although, the origin of tissue engineering has its roots delved in the 1600s ut is often considered as a modern scientific discipline.

3D Printing is one technology which has completely transformed the world like never before. We have seen its use cases in a field of medical technology which has defiantly set a platform for some innovative changes for the betterment of life.

For more such interesting news on 3D Printing and allied fields, keep on coming back to this page.

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