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Reverse engineering

5 Reverse Engineering Tools That Helps in Achieving Desirable Outcomes

The Pre-CAD era was very different from what it is today. The use of CAD software has simplified the task and made designing an accurate process. You can now see many CADD Centers around you which offer a series of advanced courses.

Models that were designed in the pre-CAD era lacked vital documentation and information which was mandatory for creating an accurate layout. Thus, reverse engineering was an important tool to create CAD models.

What is Reverse Engineering?

It is a technology which helps in creating a 3-D model of an existing physical model. As the name indicates, reverse means going backward. The manufacturers and the engineers used this technology to deconstruct product or system, evaluate and then transfer the old design into a new and more functional one.

As compared to the earlier times, today we have more advanced tools available in the market which are a great alternative to the previous method.

Tools that are now used for reverse engineering:

Handheld Scanner- The traditional method for creating a 3D structure required the physical measurement and 2D drawing, these methods were not only time consuming but at the same time they are also costly.

Thus came in the use of 3D scanning for reverse engineering. The handheld scanners easily digitize the 3D surfaces and feed applicable information into the CAD systems. It is known to fasten up the reverse engineering process.

HighRES Add-in – You can use this tool for scanning data and the transfer it for further augmentation. With the help of this tool, you can fetch the measurement data and convert it into parametric CAD model.

Point Cloud tools work

Solidworks- This is yet another most famous reverse engineering tool. With the help of this tool, you can refine the designs and create a new one. 3D models can be developed using this tool. You can further transfer it to the 3D printer to develop a prototype and can even create moduls using this tool.

Geomagic Design X- This tool is used to convert 3D scan data into a premium quality CAD models. With the help of this tool, one can not only develop feature-oriented CAD models but also helps in building the solid model which is auditable.

Point Cloud- Owing to the precision, this tool is used in case of quality inspection, visualization, animation, inspection for the manufactured part. With the help of this tool you can measure points from the surface of the object. After analyzing this data, it releases the output in the form of data file.

These lists of software embark innovation and high level of precision, helping in creating models which are accurate. If you want to learn these reverse engineering tools, you must pick up a course in the same at CADD Center Hazratganj.

We have been in this business for quite some time and have created an unbeaten record of students who have carved a discernable niche for themselves. Furthermore, our series of courses include all state of the art and advanced courses which will put you in the best place. To explore more about our series of courses, connect with CADD Centre Hazratganj today.

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