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Application of CAD in Non-Traditional Engineering Fields

CAD or Computer Aided Learning has become a popular trend, so much, so that it has become an integral part of learning for engineers and designers. This is the primary reason that we have so many CADD centers sprouting around us.

Until recently, CAD was designed to run solely on specially constructed computers or CAD workstations. These systems were developed to produce high-quality graphics and could quickly perform complex mathematical calculations.

In last two decades, CAD has undergone a huge change, from its application to the software which is used to aid the entire process of designing and to develop a prototype.

The development has made CAD find application even in the non-traditional engineering field. The objective of this blog is to highlight the importance of CAD and its use in the non-traditional engineering field.

Let’s explore, the use of CAD in Non-Traditional Engineering Fields

Well, the application of CAD in the nation-traditional engineering field is vast, so here I will be concentrating on three of them.

The name includes:

• Construction
• Medical
• Robotic Surgery
• Dental

Building and Construction- BIM or Building Information Modeling is a special form of CAD software. It monitors and manages all the aspects engrossed in making a structure.

The objective of this tool is to make sure that all the aspects that are involved in erecting a structure, work in sync with each other.

These aspects include waste management, electricity, water supply, communications, heating and ventilation, etc.

When BIM is successfully executed, it reduces the cost, lessens the work and also creates an efficient structure which matches all the regulatory standards.

Medical- This is another field that finds the use of CAD. The tool is CADx or CADe. Here CAD means Computer-Aided Diagnosis.

It has been developed to help and assist the doctors in the interpretation of medical images obtained from MRI, X-Rays, and ultrasound.

Since a large amount of data is generated every day, it becomes difficult for the doctors and radiologist to evaluate each image in real time, however, with the help of CADx, the developer can identify noticeable areas, thus, it fastens the process and saves time.

Robotic Surgery- This is CAD-based computer-assisted surgery. It first emerged in the year 1980 and 2000. Its first commercial implementation is known as daVinci Surgical System which was developed by the Intuitive Surgical Company.

How is it helpful?

Robotic surgery converts the surgical motion of the surgeon into robotics movements within the patient. Thus, making the entire surgical process more precise and accurate. It has the following sets of benefits:

• It eliminates the surgical errors
• Minimal invasive surgical procedures
• Surgeons can perform surgery remotely

Robotic surgery applications include cardiac, head, neck, gynecological, colorectal thoracic and urological surgery.

Dental- 3D printing is yet another popular technique which finds application in the medical and dental field. It has the following benefits:

• Printing crowns and bridges
• You can print a personalized mouthpiece for a person suffering from sleep apnea
• You can also print prostheses for patients with impaired locomotion
• Printing of dentures for patients with worn jaws and patients without teeth

Thus, you see how broad is the application of CAD in various fields which has nothing to do with hardcore engineering. It reflects a blend of science and technology.

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