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Engineering and SolidWorks

Digitization of Engineering and SolidWorks: Cadd Centre Lucknow

Engineering and SolidWorks

Product designing and development has hugely transformed. From drawing layouts on paper to 3D designing and printing, we have seen a lot of development in this field.

Today we have Computer Aided Designing tools and software that can prepare a photorealistic design in very less time. Today, the world is shifting towards digitized engineering and for obvious reasons.

It makes sure that the products are designed quickly, there is lesser time consumptions, sustainable product designs and cost-effective designing are some of the reasons which have made product designs become popular.

When it comes to some of the revolutionary tools that have changed the course of designing then, SolidWorks is a popular one in the league.

Why do we need to digitize engineering?

In times like today when companies need to gain a competitive edge in the market, it is important to revolutionize the designing process by digitizing it.

• It provides better readability and viewing capacity of drawings which comes with many view options in an electronic document like Rotate and Zoom.

• The modern CAD software enables the designer to modify the designs on an electronic interface and in case of doubt they can always go back to the older version hassle-free.

• You can easily transport the design via USB flash drive.

• It cuts down the need to reproduce, copy and print.

• Creates realistic designs which are an exact replica of the desired end-product.

• Digitization reduces the errors and creates an almost accurate design with precision

What Role does SolidWorks Play in revolutionizing the designing process?

It is a popular design tool used by thousands of companies to create great designs.

This CAD software is developed by Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. This software is a Parasolid- based modeling tool which makes use of parameters to define models and create assemblies.

Since it is a Parasolid- based modeling tool, it uses parameters to define the models and create assemblies. There can be many types of parameters that design a shape, like a radius to design the circle.

Similarly, parameters can also be geometric like parallelism of one object to another. SolidWorks supports all the feature-based building, it eventually simplifies and quickens the pace of designing.

Whenever the designer develops a design it is either in a 2D or 3D shape which can later be arranged in different combination or assembly.

SolidWorks gives the designer the leverage to create responsive designs which can be easily altered as per the requirement of the client.

Although, there are many other CAD software which plays their part in the design process and but SolidWorks tops it all.

Its unique features and the ability to simplify the designing process makes it one of the most popular CAD software in the world of designing.

If you are a mechanical engineer, or civil engineer or an architect, learning this software will always give you an extra edge in the market.

Our CADD Center at Hazratganj and Alambagh Lucknow, you will get complete knowledge about SolidWorks and other CADD software.

To explore more about centre, contact us today.

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