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3D CAD Modeling

Effective 3D CAD Modeling Techniques That You Must Know

As a part of your engineering curriculum, you would have often heard about 3D modeling techniques. It has become an integral part of the study of engineers.

Not only does it lets you create a 3D structure, but at the same time, it gives you an extra edge over the others. It enables the mechanical design engineers t to create a three-dimensional image of products which gives a better reflection of the end product.

It is a new technique that finds application in shipbuilding, construction design, car manufacturing, etc.

Categorization of 3D CAD modeling:

When it comes to the types of 3D modeling, then there are three types of the same. Each of these types has its own set of applications and is used as per the need and requirement. Here is the classification of the same.

Wire-frame modeling – When it comes to the easiest of all the 3D modeling types then, Wire-frame modeling is the least complicated one over the other two. In this technique of 3D modeling, all the surfaces of the physical objects are symbolized via bar lines and arcs.

The simplicity of this technique makes it easy for beginners to use it, however, if you are looking for a more complicated design, then you must skip to other types.

Surface Modeling – If you are willing to create a more realistic design, surface modeling is the right technique.

It’s more realistic than the wide frame modeling. In this technique, designs are created using 3D surfaces which makes the design more realistic.

In surface modeling, designs are created merging the 3D surfaces. To sum in simple words, Surface modeling is all about joining multiple surfaces at various angles to create the desired shape.

Solid Modeling – It is very different from the techniques above. In the case of Solid modeling, some solid objects are combined into a single 3D design.

The solid models have additional properties like weight, the center of gravity and density. If you are willing to create a real design of a prototype of a mechanical product, then solid modeling is the right technique for you.

Application of Wireframe modeling, surface modeling and solid modeling–

When it comes to the usage of these techniques, the wire-frame technique and Surface modeling is popular choice for mechanical design engineers. It is usually adopted by those who are not looking at creating a high-level realistic effect.

The wire-frame modeling being the simplest of all the techniques is used by designers who have started you designing are looking forward to creating a simple design.

However, if you are looking forward to creating a more realistic prototype design, then Solid modeling comes into the picture.

Our Role:

CADD Centre Hazratganj introduces you to learn all the nitty-gritty’s of each of type of 3D modeling so that you are abreast with the latest technologies and can put it to use as and when required.

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