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What is CAD

What is CAD and AutoCAD? CAD Is A Concept Not Just AutoCAD Explained

What is CAD?

CAD or Computer Aided Designing is a generic term that implies the use of software for designing, interiors that earlier required hands-on drafting. The basic use of CAD technology is to provide tools that can be used to draw and print precisely using a vector as against raster.

As a leading CADD Center in Hazratganj, one of the most common questions that we face is whether CAD and AutoCAD are the same. People often use these terms interchangeably.

Well, for the record, these two terms are different and hold different meanings. Whereas CAD is a generic term, AutoCAD is more specific. I will be explaining this later. But for now, you should know that these two terms hold different meanings when it comes to designing and modeling.

The use of CAD software has increased over a period of time, and it has led to enhanced product designing which makes the entire designing process easy and seamless. Let us understand what CAD is and what is AutoCAD.

What is AutoCAD?

When it comes to AutoCAD, then it is software that uses the concepts of CAD in the modeling of buildings, urban infrastructure, and fashion designing. As a designer or an architect, you might be using AutoCAD to create 2D and 3D designs. As a civil engineer, you can use AutoCAD software to design improvements in roadways.

How CAD and AutoCAD are different?

Well, when it comes to CAD and AutoCAD, then AutoCAD is a specific CAD product developed and sold by Autodesk.

To sum in simple words:
• CAD is the name of the designing process and method
• AutoCAD is the designing software
AutoCAD is software developed to solve various industrial purposes like designing, mechanical designing, architecture, aerospace engineering and astronautics.

CAD, on the other hand, stands for Computer-Aided Designing which is used for both designing and drafting. It comes with some additional features like the architects and inserting size annotations and other notes into a design. We can also say that AutoCAD is a kind of CAD. CAD is a platform that has various other software.

Types of CAD software-

There are various types of CAD software like:
3D CADThere are multiple types of 3D CAD software

1. Wire-frame models- This software creates skeleton-like models with lines and arcs.
2. Surface models- The surface models are created by joining 3D surfaces. The surface models usually have no background. Thus, images are more realistic.
3. Solid Models- this is very similar to surface models, but it has some added properties like volume, weight, similar to any physical object.
Some of the common types of CAD software that are popular in the market include the names like :

• DWG Editor
• CADIAN etc.

So, now you would have gained insight into the difference between CAD and AutoCAD. Both CAD and AutoCAD play a crucial role in designing and creating a layout that is close to reality, but at the core, CAD is an Umbrella under which where there is various other software.

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