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Why Should One Learn 3D Printing? Cadd Centre Lucknow

Technology has been the key driver of growth for many industries. Product design and develop it is an integral part of many business verticals; recently there have been various developments in this field.

One such software that has gain acceptance across the industry is 3D printing. It is one of the key future technologies which not only helps in designing products precisely and meticulously but at the same time, it also helps in creating sustainable designs which ensures lowering the cost, saving the resources and time, improves efficiency and solves other challenges that are there is the case of product development.

Well, if we talk about 3D printing then this technology has been there in existence for more than 30 years but it’s only recently that we have seen the surge of equipment and machinery that have made this technology so popular and multi-faceted.

Why Should One Learn 3D Printing? Cadd Centre Lucknow

Many wonder why learning this technology so important. Then you must know that 3D printing finds application in myriads of business verticals.

Here are some of the probable business areas where you can find the use of 3D Printing:

• Designs- One of the major applications of 3D printing is in designing of wearables. With the help of this technology, the designers can create a clearer picture of their designs which is close to reality.

• Dental and medical field- 3D printing finds application even in healthcare divisions. Dentists can use this technology to reproduce scanned parts of the body of the patients.

Apart from this, 3D Printing finds application in various other medical fields like creating prosthetics hards, arms, and legs to teeth reproductions basically for testing purpose.

• Manufacturing – 3D printers can find application in developing samples and tests to small parts which can be of great help of small and medium enterprise.

3D printing helps in generating real objects from 3D drawings. With the help of this technology, small companies can reproduce spare parts, and even big companies can use this technology for their benefit.

• Architecture- Well, when it comes to architecture, creating the staggering and awe-striking design is essential but what is even more imperative is to create it precisely and as per the demand of the client.

Thanks to the advent of 3D printing technology the architects can now develop a design which showcases how the final product will look like.

Architects can use 3D Printing for creating a new building to check how it would fit in a particular area; we can use this technology to reproduce buildings and places from the past and then showcase them in the present.

The crux of the matter is that 3D printing is not merely restricted to just one aspect of designing, it involves many other features like creating a 3D view of the desired designs, designing with precision which saves time and resources.

Our Role:

Since this technology is so popular and so many colleges and institutes are growing like a wild mushroom that offers training in this field.

However, if you talk about an institute which provides state of the art technology and hands-on experience in 3D Printing then CADD Center Hazratganj, Alambagh & Chinhat is a renowned name in the city.

We have been delivering training and certification in 3D Printing and allied courses for a long time. If you too wish to learn this tool from the best you must contact us today.

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