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Why Do Mechanical Engineers Need To Know 3D Modelling Software?


Modelling tools in today’s industry is a must-have tool not only for mechanical engineers but also for people working in various other sectors. Engineers and designers are making the most of these advanced software tools that are beneficial for a variety of applications starting from simulation to manufacturing.

Earlier, engineers used traditional drafting materials for creating engineering drawings which took a lot of time and this also included a high risk of error at the end of the development. For the error to be solved, an engineer had to again go through all the stages of development and correct all the issues.

But with 3D modelling software tools, the visualizations help the engineers to get a better overall overview of the project and also help them correct any error that might have occurred in the development stage. Thus, mechanical engineers need to have deep knowledge of 3D modelling software.

Let us first know all the 3D modelling software the mechanical engineers must learn and have an experience on:

  1. Solidworks:

Solidworks 3D modelling software is an essential tool that helps engineers make innovative design models. This software has an interface which is quite user-friendly and can be used to create designs or engineering models. This software tool is also used by a lot of automobile manufacturers where they use SolidWorks to make car and bike designs. If you are also a mechanical engineering student and want to learn SolidWorks, you can search for SolidWorks training in Lucknow and get expand your career prospects.

  1. NX CAD:

NX CAD developed by Seimens PLM Software is a powerful 3D solution that helps engineers and designers in making comprehensive concept designs and modelling. Since this software is setting new benchmarks for speed, and performance, mechanical engineering students must look for NX CAD training in Lucknow so that they can learn only from the best.

  1. CATIA:

Catia is a professional 3D modelling software developed by Dassault Systèmes and is primarily used for aerospace projects. CATIA software helps engineers and designers design complicated and elaborate designs in a very simple and easy way and thus necessitates mechanical engineering students to enrol themselves for Catia training in Lucknow and apply their knowledge in the industry.

These were a few of the 3D CAD modelling techniques that are gaining popularity and are almost used in every industry, and thus students are looking for various courses to upskill themselves in these areas.

However, before looking for mechanical engineering cad courses, the students must know the benefits of learning 3D modelling software:

  1. Enhances Design Quality:

3D CAD software help designers and modellers select from over 7,00,000 design templates depending on the modelling work. 3D CAD software ensures the design’s accuracy and saves time as well. Apart from this, this software eliminates all forms of errors and designs non-functionalities.

  1. Improves Designer’s Productivity:

Even in the early design phases, 3D CAD modelling may help the designer see all of the mechanical components of a design rather efficiently. This allows the mechanical CAD designer to comprehend the final picture and make any modifications needed immediately, allowing for quick revisions. 3D CAD Modeling also lowers the time-consuming and manual aspects of design.

  1. Easy and Quick Documentation:

Earlier, the engineers and designers drafted components manually which was a very lengthy and time-consuming process. 3D CAD modelling software simplifies the whole design process, thanks to its predefined documentation features. As a result, 3D CAD modelling tools have made the process more adaptable and unique.

  1. Save Time, Energy, and Cost:

The most significant resources that a firm may obtain by employing CAD Modeling tools are time, energy, and cost savings. Mechanical engineers benefit immensely from not having to start over each time they develop a new design. As a result, CAD modelling software makes renovation and detailed conceptual design easier.

  1. Better Visualisation:

With the help of 3D modelling software, animation and graphical illustration of any mechanical model have become easier. The software helps in understanding the resultant product plan, operation of modelling components, and generating a proposal for clients. There are many courses related to these software programs in the market, but enrolling in the best AutoCAD course for mechanical engineering, will help engineers make more data-driven decisions and build more accurate business strategies.

  1. Automate Redrawing:

Traditional drawing methods are quite a difficult task as the engineers find it difficult to redraw the hidden sections of the components. However, with the help of 3D CAD modelling techniques, the lines and dashes are automatically redrawn which reduces the stress on the designers and the engineers, eliminating the chances of errors.

  1. Faster Manufacturing:

With the fast pace at which the industry works, it is impossible to go back to each stage of development, whether it is structural engineering or product design. This is why engineers must have knowledge of 3D modelling software solutions as with its help, they can make a quick, market-ready product in a lesser period of time.

  1. Compliant with International Standards:

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has created an extensive and standardized list of CAD methodologies whose primary goal is to assure consistency, compatibility, and safety in the drafting process. By adhering to international standards, all businesses may assure that their services and goods are safer to use and of superior quality. 3D CAD software is used to develop mechanical engineering designs that adhere to international standards such as BSI, ANSI, DIN, CSN, GB, ISO, and GOST. Because products are precisely manufactured from mechanical components made in several countries and sold across borders, standards are more important than anything else.


Thus 3D modelling software techniques assist mechanical engineers in developing the most creative designs and solutions. With the realistic techniques of the software, all the technical aspects and the challenges that were earlier difficult to look into are now all being addressed. The outputs remain constant throughout, which reduces the possibility of costly errors and difficulties.

Hence, because of these amazing functionalities of 3D modelling software, mechanical engineering students need to have a good knowledge of these software solutions.