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Five Popular 3D Modeling Tools/Software | Cadd Centre

In the modern era where the customers have become very picky and demanding, it has become important for the company to present them with innovative ideas that can lure them.

3D modeling is a great way that graphic designers can use to create photo-realistic illustrations and mock-ups which will compel the clients and also helps in expanding your skills set to create the layout for products.

It’s very important to use the latest tools that will help in improving your skills, and that can concretely present your ideas. 3D modeling is one such tool which loved by all the graphic designers.

There are myriads of 3D modeling tools available in the market, but you need to pick up the one which is the most advanced one and has all the features that you require. Here is the list of 5 popular 3 D modeling tools that you can opt:

3D Modeling Tools/Software –

It is a user-friendly application and you can download it for free. If you have just started off with 3D modeling then this is the tool for you. The advanced version of the same comes at a cost. However, the free version lets you create animations and rendering.

AutoCAD will help you master other skills as well. It has become a premier software which is used in 3D modeling, 2D drawing, etc. and other CAD applications, so mastering one art will help you learn other applications as well.

AutoCAD is a popular tool amongst the graphic designers, industrial and environmental designers. It also offers online videos to walk through the basics of software before you get started with the tool.

Another popular tool for 3D modeling. The curve-based 3D modeling tool creates mathematically précis models of 3D surfaces which gives a better picture of the result.

Rhino finds application in architecture, multimedia, product and graphic designing. To help the user, it also offers a wide array of tutorials, training guides, live classes, etc.

Revit finds application in architectural design, structural engineering especially Building Information Modeling(BIM). Revit lets move from sketches to sustainable energy analysis. Furthermore, it also work-sharing capabilities.

It, not just a three modeling tool rather it is also used to create animation and simulation. It is more or less similar to 3dsMax but is more suitable for the people who are proficient. Maya finds application in video game development, visual effects, animated films.


You would have observed that many of these applications have similar features and can be used in graphic design, environmental and architectural design.

The designs created by the tools may find different application, thus, its always advisable to ask your client about the end-use of the designs.

They may need 3D designs for presentation, analysis purpose, etc. Thus, make sure that before using the tool you are clear with the final application.

CADD Center Lucknow will help you master the tools. By becoming the laster of these tools, you will have a competitive edge over your competitors and will be able to offer your clients in a better way.

To know more about this, you can contact CADD Center today.

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