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Importance of 3D Modelling using CATIA / SOLIDWORKS / NX CAD in Product Visualization & Development

3D Modelling – A Bright Future:

The workflows for a new design have become modern in today’s ultimate technology world. It provides a rich functional analysis. It is one of the best ways to understand a design concept. This type of modeling has reduced redundancies in design and has increased the functionalities for design people. It improves the accuracy and efficiency of the workflow. It provides a clear picture of the design, be it electrical or mechanical. One needs to undergo 3D modeling training to make the designs understandable for all projects.


CATIA is a multi-platform software used in 3D modeling and designing by Dassault Systems. There are a few latest versions in CATIA such as CATIAv5, CATIAv6, and CATIA 3D Experience. CATIA is a suite that combines CAD, CAM, and CAE. Let us have a short look at what is:

  • CAD
  • CAM
  • CAE

Computer-Aided Designing:

This software simulates in both 2D and 3D formats helping the engineers to create and modify the latest designs in an innovative manner. It also shows a graphical representation of product designs. 

Computer-Aided Engineering:

This software is essential for the simulation and analysis of product designs. It also helps the engineers to make a better revision of products and their decisions based on the customer requirement.

Computer-Aided Manufacture:

This software enables the engineers to plan, manage control and automate the operations in a product. CAM uses CAD to design the machines with optimization of efficiency.

All the above three software put together forms the CATIA giving a 3D modeling with analysis and revision of products. It also manages and automates the functions of the machines. Each version of the CATIA brings in enhanced developments for the user to use in designing and upgrading the software to the latest version is the best choice. CATIA v6 is the latest version which helps in product life cycle management. An engineering graduate who wants to set a future career in designing can undergo a course in CATIA and its latest versions.


Solidworks is another 3D modeling software used in designing the products by Dassault Systems. It is a mix of both CAD and CAE software. It uses a parametric modeling feature-based approach to create models and assemblies. Solidworks follows the mantra,” Work Smarter, Work faster, Work together.” The freedom of graphics improves display response and quality. It enhances teamwork and unexpected weather handlings. It has new design capabilities with faster workflows. It shortens the time to market. It provides access anywhere in a secure environment. It can access simulation manufacturing and management tools as well. Visualization ideas are vast in using Solidworks. It allows intricate designs in machines and tools. It takes product visualization to the next level. The latest version of SOLIDWORKS has been introduced in September 2021.


NX CAD formerly known as Unigraphics is one of the major 3D modeling software, developed by Siemens. It provides fast and realistic product visualization. NX CAD gives detailing while designing a 3D model. For product visualization and development NX CAD brings innovation, fetching in different textures and colors. Simulation in NX CAD shows the performance of a product in a charismatic manner under the project background with proper finishing. Complex behavior is also captured using NX CAD software. NX CAD is a typical model-based designing software, with lower development costs and improved quality products.

CADD Centre:

CADD centre is a globally well-known technical training institute. The CADD Centre at Lucknow is the best among all the CADD centres across India. The trainers are well versed in 3D modeling and provide the best education to aspiring fresher engineers. The CATIA training at Lucknow is a 3D modeling course that the CADD centre at Lucknow gives with sincerity. Solidworks training at Lucknow is one of the best courses for both aero and mechanical engineers. They get a chance to showcase their talent by undergoing this training.

CATIA or Solidworks or NX CAD:

Be it CATIA, or Solidworks, or NX CAD, the three software modes play a major role in product visualization and design. Each software has its advantage and has an edge over each other. Every 3D modeling software makes the product enriched showcasing the detailed analysis of its product life cycle. Training in CATIA or Solidworks, or NX CAD, makes a rising future for engineers as this is the growing future in a world that races with technology. Job prospects are vast and across the globe. One needs to grab an opportunity to learn this software under expert guidance. The best suggestion would be the CADD Centre which offers all the three courses in varied up-gradation and versions.

A Final Destination to 3D Modeling:

Product Visualisation and its development go hand in hand. 3D modeling training is the premier choice, ensuring a bright future ahead for young aspiring engineers. Engineers gather to undertake the CATIA, Solidworks, and NX CAD Courses at the CADD centre in Lucknow right now.

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