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Why is Solidworks Good For Product Designing And Development?

Designing is an important part of product development. Obviously, there is a need for tools and software which can help the designer come up with sustainable designs which consumes less time and money.

Solidworks has emerged as a popular tool when it comes to product designing and development. It is one of the most sought-after tools, being able to deliver multifaceted solutions.

Areas of Application of Solidworks:

When it comes to the application of Solidworks, then it can be used in various industries.

Some of the prominent industries where Solidworks is being used are as follows:
1. Machinery design
2. Aerospace
3. Automotive
4. Mold and Tools designing
5. Transportation
6. Defense
7. Construction
8. Medical tools
9. Process plants
10. Other engineering services

As per the survey of MIT, Solidworks is considered as a highly productive CAD software as compared to others.

With its features like better design visualization, enhanced communication, faster design iterations, less error, the creation of more authentic design with close resemblance to reality.

SolidWorks becomes one of the most sought-after software by product designing and development companies.

Why is Solidworks preferred over other CAD software?

It is true that there is much software available in the market which is highly efficient and effective.

But when it comes to choosing one software that can do the work of all, then Solidworks is a good choice.

User-friendly GUI with quick to understand features and utilize them for design development

Here are the reasons why you should choose Solidworks over the others:

• In-built Intelligence- Solidworks is an automated tool. It comes with inbuilt intelligence which lets you design quickly and that too without error.

With the help of Solidworks, you can check the dimension completeness and automatically set dimension features in 3D.

• Better Collaboration- Solidworks allows you to share design, managing product data, automate workflows.

It allows you to safely share design data within the organization, with your partners and your clients.

It enables the designer to present their designs well and realistically. You can represent 3D models, 2D drawing, photo-realistic renderings, and animation before sending the product for manufacturing.

• Lower total cost – Lower cost and higher efficacy is the key feature of Solidworks.

Its 3D design solution is easy to use and simple to administer thus making its usage preferable over the others.

So, while working on Solidworks, you can finish your task quickly, with lesser errors thus giving you sufficient time to capitalize on new opportunities.

These features make Solidworks an impeccable tool for designing.

Many companies are offering Solidworks services, but learning them and having an in-house team for the same equips your company and gives you a competitive edge.

Moreover, Solidworks has emerged as a popular course. You can join them as a professional, take a certification course and boost up your resume.

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This course is perfect for beginners and professionals. You can contact us and get to know more details about this course.

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