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The Basic Fundamentals of Clothing Construction

Introduction to Clothing Construction

One of the famous dialogues of protagonist “Carrie Bradshaw” from the famous American romcom series “sex in the city” wherein she is seen standing in front of her fully loaded closet and reminiscing her encounters with various designers and how she mixes matches her clothes all the time.

Though, every modern woman would very well relate to this story of money, clothing amalgamation. We all try to mix-matching our clothes and try to come up with the trendiest of the outfits but, how often do we actually see a brilliant concept catching up to our expectations. We are often fascinated and bewitched by the designer clothing segment, but we hardly know the basic principles involved in designing a dress.

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So, here are the basic fundamentals of clothing construction cracked up for your easy and quick reference:

Stitches Fundamentals of Clothing Construction

  • A simple dictionary definition of the stitch is a loop of thread or yarn resulting from a single pass or movement of the needle in sewing, knitting, or crocheting. Stitches are further sub-categorized into Temporary stitches and permanent stitches. Stitches count as fundamentals of clothing construction.

Temporary stitch is primarily the act of holding pieces of fabric together before the actual or permanent stitch is made on the fabric. These stitches are primarily horizontal looping made from right to left with a knot while the permanent stitch is part of a sewed garment. The permanent stitches are further subdivided into various heads namely hemming, back stitch, running stitch, oversewing so on, and so forth.

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Seams Finish Fundamentals of Clothing Construction

The stitching line where two pieces of fabric are stitched together. It is the quintessential building block of any garment or stitched article. It is an application of a series of stitches or stitches types to one or several thicknesses of the material. Like stitches, seams are also important fundamentals of clothing construction and the most common used seams are channel seam, lapped seam, flat filled seam, and French seam.

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Edge finishes Fundamentals of Clothing Construction

It is primarily a technique to prevent fraying of the raw edges of the fabric or garment which results in making the fabric edge more durable and attractive. This technique also enhances the look of the inner side of the garment.

So, all you lovely people looking for some design inspiration; get, set, go! for the basic fundamentals of clothes construction course from Dreamzone. Your staircase to heaven – celebrity fashion designer because to succeed you have to start from the basics.

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