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How Do Fashion Designer Earn Money?


Nowadays, a career in fashion design is becoming very popular and people are finally coming out of the mainstream degrees and preferring to follow their passions, among which a career in the fashion industry rules the charts.

Though, the people working in the fashion industry are super creative and come up with new ideas every day to keep up with the fashion trends. Hence to survive and earn money in fashion design, the person has to always keep up with the latest trends and be competitive to stay at the top.

Fashion designers earn money from their works and talents in a number of ways. There are some designers who follow tried and tested strategies like selling garments, and accessories, online and offline. While other designers, who want to explore their creativity, opt to promote their own line of designs and often engage with other designers to have their designs implemented on various products.

If someone is thinking about pursuing a career in the fashion industry and looking for the best way to make money in fashion design, this blog is especially for them.

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Become a Fashion Vlogger:

The last ten years had witnessed a significant increase in the fashion vlogging industry starting from YouTube to different networking websites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Youtube, having more than 2 billion users each month, can give a fashion vlogger the most views as compared to any social networking site.

If someone even after acquiring a degree in fashion is finding it hard to find career opportunities in fashion design, vlogging is one of the best ways to explore their creativity in fashion.

Become a Freelance Fashion Designer:

Because of the increasing competition in the fashion industry, many people are finding it difficult to make money in fashion design, freelancing in fashion design is one of the careers people are looking forward to making it big in the industry.

Here, fashion enthusiasts can work from home and work on projects that fascinate them and can charge up their careers in fashion design. Here, designers have to collaborate with clients and have complete control over their work while working as freelancers.

However, people who are looking to earn money in fashion designing can expect to earn as many hours as they devote to their work as a freelancer. Designers can collaborate with customers to develop their clothing ideas, or can also engage with manufacturers, for e.g., of denim, providing them with the designs to make them on the designers’ behalf.

Make Custom Handbags or Backpacks:

Not only women but even men can be seen nowadays carrying trendy, fashionable handbags and backpacks. These have evolved into everybody’s everyday necessities. Hence, designers who want to earn money in the fashion industry can start making personalized handbags and backpacks to make a profit from the fashion market.

Selling uniquely designed and created handbags, and targeting the right customers can make the designer earn an enormous amount of profit. The handbags if designed according to trendy fashion and culture, there’ll be a lot of demand for them in the market.

Starting a Clothing Line:

If someone is very passionate about fashion, the person definitely has the best scope in fashion designWith their fashion sense and good marketing skills, they must be sure that their clothing line must be taken off one day or the other. This idea is of course not very unique, but if the designer’s clothing sense is very distinctive and individual, the clothing line launched by them will be loved and adored by every fashion lover.

Fashion Photographer:

If someone doesn’t yet have an idea of how to become a fashion designer, can start by becoming a fashion photographer. Designers usually hire photographers to advertise and market their products. Fashion photographers also have the scope of work as freelancers, and they can work from home as well as work according to their time without any stress or pressure.

Fashion Consultant:

If people are wondering how do fashion designers make money, being a fashion consultant also helps in doing so. Fashion consultants design the wardrobes of their clients and improve their styles. Fashion consultants are also known to work with big Bollywood celebrities who constantly groom the stars to make them look unique on camera.


These were the ways; people earn money in the fashion designing industry. Hence, the fashion industry is much more than just being a designer. However, if someone is looking forward to pursuing a fashion course for themselves, can go for Dreamzone Hazratganj and Dreamzone Alambagh. Here, certifications are offered to people who dream to learn and make big in the fashion world.