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In How Many Ways You Can Use POP to Spruce Your Bedroom?

A bedroom is that safe haven where the whole day’s tiredness, complications, problems vanish as a person enters his own little world called BEDROOM. It is that part of the whole house where one can relax unwind with a cup of tea and plan his whole day.

Furnishing, designing and decorating the bedroom can sometimes become a complicated affair as people generally don’t get the exact idea as to how to utilize that particular space.

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The bedroom plays a very pivotal role in a person’s life as it’s a personal space his personal sanctuary that expresses a person’s mood.

It is said that the ceiling is the fifth roof of the house. So to tackle the problem as to how to decorate the bedroom ceiling the concept of POP comes in handy.


As POP gives maximum effect with little maintenance. Every blank space can be utilized to match one’s imagination.

According to me, the bedroom is in dire need of renovation. There is various use of how we can utilize POP for its maximum benefits. The is the way to go to instantly transform a space and add more dimensions without having to splurge.

The general definition of POP refers to plaster of Paris a quick setting plaster that comes as a powder but solidifies when water is added. POP while adding decor or drama to the walls helps to conceal all the wiring works done on the ceiling.

Below are some ways POP can be used to decorate our bedroom:

# Floral designed moulds on the wall. If you want to add some colour and don’t know how permanent it can be well POP comes to your rescue.

This versatile material can be used to craft out unique pieces of moulding or decor. Either you can go from bold to strips, single colour to multi colour it’s up to you.

# POP can be used for making or designing false ceilings. False ceilings are very important when it comes to regulating the temperature of the house. It helps to bring down or lower the heat and increase the coolness. Some types of false ceilings are the bare minimum, curved peripheral with rounded edges, spiral design with highlights on any corner.


# POP can be used for wall trims. There are various types where one can choose from for example classic Victorian type, zigzag for a modern touch, bright colour usage with POP to create an accent.

After the ceiling job is done the same way do up your walls to make a statement. A POP wall can instantly elevate the mood, the look and the feel of your room without using any extra space.

# POP can be used for combining ceiling to walls. The walls and the ceiling can be connected together in a very interesting and exciting way by using POP. It also bridges the gap. In this concept, all colours can be added and any kind of pattern can be made. To add a unique touch too can go for spotlights and raise the panel a little bit to give extra space.

Lastly, POP can be used in the kid’s room. This room is a room where all your imagination can be bought to life. The world of POP is unlimited and the usage possibility even more unlimited. So pump up your mind wheels and go let your self-foot loose!

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