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How An Interior Designer Differ From An Interior Decorator?

Doing the interiors of your home has two segments to it, one is the designing of the interiors, and the other is the decorating part.

If you have just bought a new house or are you planning to redo your old place, you will find it an uphill task.

The questions you will ask yourself are many and varied, but the first question will be, who will be the right person for my work, an interior designer or an interior decorator? How do they differ from each other, or they are just the same? Let’s break the ice.

Interior designer:

Creativity and technology both work together when it comes to interior designing. It requires training and experience to make an interior designer.

An interior designer is a trained person.

He or she has attained a college degree after four years of study and several hours spent as an intern. They would have the expertise of working out 2D and 3D designs on the computer to give you a live idea of what your home would look like once it is completed.

The designer studies the client, requirements, and expectations before embarking upon the voyage of creating a design to suit the profile, needs, and personality.

In addition, a designer would be able to guide you about how to select the best materials. She would be able to tell you the cost-effectiveness of the material, its longevity, and upkeep.

A designer is also trained to know which material is best suited to the purpose and its safety value. You may want to choose a vinyl finish for your countertop because it is cheap and looks good.

The designer will caution you that it is a combustible material and therefore, it is unsuitable.

An interior designer learns the local rules and regulations of fire and health departments and is expected to adhere and incorporate them in the design.

Interior decorator:

Quite often, the designer and the decorator work in tandem. When the designer has finished his job, the decorator moves in, to put the design in place.

It is the job of the decorator to source the materials and get them approved before placing the orders. Sometimes what has appealed on paper may not meet the expectations of the client.

interior designer

The decorator reworks the design.

If some material may not be available or may not suit the client’s budget, the decorator will scout the marketplace to find a suitable alternative. The decorator does the actual buying.

She will also have the material crafted to become the living creatures of the designer. Decorators spend much time on the site and so understand the clients needs better.

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