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Renovate Your Home With These Mind Blowing Ideas

Keeping the house clean is important but what’s more important is its maintenance. You need to take care of the furniture, things which are above their shelf life and what you should get rid off so that your house is spick and spank.

This blog will focus on few pointers which you can easily follow at your home and keep your house new as ever.

These ideas are a suggestions from some of the top interior designers at Dream Zone who offer their learning as a part of the interior designing course at this centre.

Renovate Your Home- Incorporation of Natural elements-

We all love to live in a fresh environment, there is no better way to create the same than by intruding natural elements in your house. To begin with, you can have some indoor plants like Areca palm, Snake Tongue, Money Plant, etc.

These plants can easily survive in the indoor atmosphere. They do not give a refreshed look to your house, but at the same time, these plants are a great source of oxygen. If you don’t have much space for the garden, use indoor plants or convert your balcony into a small green area.

Get rid of damaged furniture-
Trust me everything comes with a shelf life and so is the furniture of your house. With the passage of time, it starts to lose its luster and shine; it’s important that you get it polished at frequent intervals. Having obsolete furniture in your house, try to get rid of them.

Home Renovate ideas

Now there are companies which offer great exchange deals. You can replace your old furniture with modern and contemporary ones. Make sure you keep your cushion in the sun for some time, it helps in retaining the texture and makes it fluffy again.

Experiment with colours
Try to experiment with colours, you don’t need to paint the entire room but you can create a feature wall which is painted differently, or you can also opt for wallpaper in bright colours. It will lighten up your house and also bring in a lot of energy with it.

home renovating ideas Experiment colours

Create a lounging area for yourself-
After a tiring day, you must be able to relax, how about having a small relaxing space in your home. You don’t need much for it. Look for things which keep you happy and relaxed like books, music, playing instruments, etc. Pick up a corner of your house which you can convert into a lounging space.

home renovating ideas lounging area
Experimenting with the balconies-
Nowadays most of the people are shifting in apartments where you don’t have the luxury of owning a garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create one. The balcony of your house can be creatively converted into a small garden. You can begin with placing plants, small cushions, armchair or rocking chair.

If the balcony space is big, you can also place small fountain, add bird feeder and some garden accessories to create a feeling of the garden.

home renovating ideas balconies

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