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6 Trends to Know About Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen, it’s the heart of the home and a place where one can unwind and feel relaxed.

Today the top priority is given on the upkeep and maintenance of the kitchen. Every year, homeowners focus on ways to refresh their spaces of the kitchens on their top priority. Foresight, we have a quick guide that will enable you to see all the top-notch contents and save yourself from a lot of confusion.

Whether your to-do list includes a full kitchen renovation or a few minimal updates the following 6 trends are worth keeping in mind:-

  1. OPEN AND CLOSED SHELVING: Under this category there are vast varieties like metal, wood, glass this theme is inspired by the décor of hotels that leads to adding bold Statements, keeping up with the latest trends.
  2. KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH OLD TIMES: The essence of the yesteryears always pulls us back to our roots. Under this theme, the clients can opt for honed, natural stone, organic basalt tiles, vintage-inspired fixtures, and lightings.
  3. VIBRANT AND COLOURED UPHOLSTERY; the traditional white themed kitchen Renovation has now become a big no-no as the clients are willing to take risks and experiment with the various color platter. Even if it’s just choosing one element be it teen colored countertops, stools, or a patterned theme roman shade a dash of color is not gonna hurt the old white kitchen.
  4. USE OF WOOD; it feels good to have a connection with nature as it gives a sense of calm and serenity. We see a growing desire for lighter, airier spaces and wood is a wonderful material to incorporate to achieve this.
  5. COLOURED CABINETRY; Many of the new clients are trying their hand with colored themes and ditching the all-white or all of white theme. Making the statement and creating an ambiance, like using deep or gray-washed blues and greens are in high demand today. Pairing it up with fancy fixtures and hardware’s in brass and other metals.
  6. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY; Digital technology combined with wifi is creating waves in the Kitchen Renovation designed world. Wifi-enabled microwaves and espresso can spur up your morning and pump up your energy levels. Adding a little wine cabinet is not gonna hurt anyone!!!

I am a kitchen geek, I am a kitchen nerd, and I will take you to the whole new world of Kitchen Renovation design to satisfy all your cravings. Sayonara.

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