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Five Modern Living Room Ideas by Interior Designing Institute

The living room is the place that welcomes your guest, it is the first place that people notice the moment they enter your house.

Thus, it’s epochal that your living room should reflect your lifestyle.

A good interior designer will help you design your living room like no other. Dream Zone is a leading institute where you can learn interior designing skills and implement the same in your projects.

Here are some of the quick tips gathered by the intellects to pep up your living room.

A good living room is an amalgamation of accessories, furniture, colour scheme. When all these things come together, you will be able to create a stylish and modish living room which is defiantly going to leave your guests to go green.

So without any further delay, let’s focus on the five Modern Living Room Ideas.

Wall Art:-
They are going to make your room come alive. You have myriads of options available in the market. It’s not necessary that spend heftily on the same, going with simple but the room-complimenting products will do the job.

When you decide to choose the wall art make sure that you choose the correct size object. You can surf online for the options available in the market.

modern living room Wall decor ideas, interior designing institute lucknow

Gone are the days when people used to choose curtain just to keep the dust away, now they have become an integral part of living room accessory. From sheer curtains to blinds, there are myriads of options available in the market.

You can mix and match the shades to add more style to your living room. If your living room has lesser light then you can opt for the sheer drapery and the room receiving excessive lighting, you can opt for the heavy drapery.

Drapery living room ideas dream zone lucknow

Accent Pillows-

They are very popular these days. The objective of using accent pillows is to contrast the colour of the furniture and highlight other colours.

Don’t overdo with the pillows, choose the number and size based on the size of the room and furniture. The most commonly used size is 18 inches. To create an asymmetric effect, you can choose two pillows of bigger size and other of smaller.

Accent Pillows home decor ideas with interior designing institute

Wall units–
We all have limited space with us, but the art is in using each corner efficiently and convert it into a masterpiece. Wall units have become an integral part of our living room.

It is not only used to place the television but at the same time, they also work as a storage space. You can find some options in the market like low-lying wall unit, wall mounted, wall unit with cabinetries, etc.

Wall units modern living room ideas interior designing dream zone lucknow

If you don’t wish to paint your house, then why not experiment with wallpapers. They are very popular, and you have some options to choose. From paisley printed to striped, the wallpapers can instantly spruce up the look of your living room.

Wallpapers modern living room ideas interior designing dream zone lucknow

Dream Zone has been known to create interior designers who can create the best from the left. You can learn many such tips and tricks which will give you an extra edge. To know more about this, you can connect with us today and for more such interesting stuff of interior design, keep on visiting our website.

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