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Photography Careers That You Never Knew | Dream Zone

Creativity is in mind, but it runs with heart. In today’s era when job prospects have broken the glass ceiling of becoming a doctor or an engineer, it is essential that we must know what is happening around us.

What are new career avenues that have opened up? Dream Zone, Hazratganj believes in giving wings to the creative minds, and hence we bring you the state of the art courses that have been picked for the present and future.

Photography is one such career option which has often been undermined. So, here Dream Zone Hazratganj & Alambagh brings you five unconventional photography career options that are worth paying your bills.

Photography Careers:

1. Portrait Photographer- It is one of the most promising career options that one can opt for. Portrait photographers are on site with their equipment to capture the moment. It may be a marriage or a party, they are always on their toes.

A portrait photographer needs to carry out various other responsibilities like framing photos, processing the images, making an appointment, etc. You can work as a freelancer or can build your studio.

2. Scientific Photographer- These photographers document a variety of subjects. They bring life images which are not visible to the eyes.

Scientific photographers make use of a variety of techniques like underwater photography, micrography, infrared photography. Such photographers work in collaboration with research organizations, government agencies or universities.

3. Freelance Photographer – Freelancing is growing at a breakneck pace. Most of the companies now hire a freelance writer, virtual assistants, etc. freelance photography is one such field where you can make a lot of money without investing heavily.

You can create your social media page, put up some picture and sell them. Many websites like Pinterest offer a platform where you can showcase your photography skills and sell them.

4. Commercial Photographer- They take pictures of everything like products, merchandise, building, photos for catalogs, websites, brochures, etc. It is one of the most lucrative career options to choose from.

Many big companies hire commercial photographers. You may offer your services as a freelancer, or you may collaborate with a company do to the photography.

5. Photojournalist- These are the people behind the entire paparazzi. They document people, events, and stories. You would have often seen photographers around stars or a match; these photographers capture every moment in detail.

They work with newspapers agencies or magazines or for the websites. The demand for photojournalists has increased nowadays. You can start off your career as a freelancer or may join a local newspaper.

Another great way to showcase your work is to collaborate with restraint or hotel where they can put pictures clicked by you.

Our Role: Photography is a great career option, it is an emerging career option, and if you have a bent for photography, there is no harm in honing your skills.

Dream Zone Hazratganj gives you a great platform to polish your photography skills and learn the technical aspects so that you can become a master of your art.

To know more about career opportunities in photography domain, connect with us today.

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