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How to Make Money from Photography | Sell photographs Online & Earn

When it comes to photography, then most of us are in there for creative satisfaction. As far as India is concerned, photography has still not picked up the pace as a mainstream profession.

However, if we have a closer look at this, you will be amazed to know the kind of prospects it holds in the future &  you can make money from photography by selling photos online.

Pinterest, iStock, Shutterstock are some of the websites which are a hub for some great pictures, and you can sell your clicked photographs online here.


It is just one aspect, there are various other ways to earn laurels in this field. What you need is the right guidance and knowledge.

A good photograph is an amalgamation of capturing the right emotion at the right time. Dream Zone Hazratganj & Alambagh Lucknow is providing a complete insight into photography by offering a professional course in the same.

You can get to know the nitty-gritty of photography and lay the foundation stone of a new career path for yourself.

Here are some of the ways that can help you make money from photography:

Photoshoots – Well, this is a great way for the photographers to earn money. If you have money to rent a studio you can do that, however nowadays, many clients are opting for outdoor locations for the shoot.

You can render your services for such photo shoots. Usually, the client chooses their location, so even if you do not have a photo studio, you can go ahead with it.

People always need a professional photographer to commemorate their special moment. To begin with this, you need first to hone your photography skills and then build a strong profile, having a website of your own, showcasing your skills will help you fetch clients.

• Some of the trending photoshoots include
• Newborn photo shoots
• Family portraits
• Maternity photoshoots
• Boudoir photo shoots
• Shoots for real estate ads etc.

• Sell your photos through stock photography –

If you wish to monetize your photography skills, you can do that by selling your photos through stock photography.


Websites like BigStock, Shutterstock, and iStock, offers a platform where you can upload photos. Also, you can use a personal Flickr account and licenses them via Getty Images.

To do this first, you need to signup as a contributor and provide your basic information. Run through the guidelines for submission and start uploading your photos. You need to add metadata and relevant keywords so that you can get your photos ranked high.

• You can sell your prints – Websites like Imagekind offers a platform where you can sell the photos. You can also contact the local coffee shops or restaurants to display your photographs.

Before you head towards this, you must find a good printing service who can ensure you a good quality product.

• You can start as a freelancer – Well, this is a great way to start off your own business. You can work as a freelancer.

You can make use of online platforms to showcase your work and services. It will be of great help, and once you get in the mode of working, the work will start flowing in.

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