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New Trends in Conceptual Photography | Dream Zone

Cameras have been around since 1816. Photographers gradually developed this science into art and created masterpieces with clever usage of technology.

Over a period of time, photography evolved as a career and now you can easily find students opting for this as a career.

Many institutes like Dream Zone Alambagh & Hazratganj in Lucknow are transforming the approach towards learning this creative art by implementing technical knowledge to it.

The objective is to create a workforce that can generate employment for themselves.

Photography has various types like fashion photography, product photography, wildlife photography and many others.

Conceptual photography is one such aspect which one can explore if they want to showcase their creative skill.

At Dream Zone Alambagh & Hazratganj you can learn about this new trend in photography and hone your creative side.

What is conceptual photography?

In conceptual photography, the photographer first thinks of what he wants the end result to be and then uses technology to stage the idea.

Various tools are used to create the effects desired by the photographer. Today conceptual photography is the rage. Trends in conceptual photography vary from year to year.

The latest trends are: photography training


There are many forms of this trend. It makes normal things look different. The ideas usually associated with people and objects are challenged. Being unconventional is the specialty of this trend.

Credit : Platon Yurich

Surrealism looks at objects and people from a different angle and takes the viewer to another level.

Creative collages:
Photographic collages have been done for a long time now. Double exposures are also a not new technique.

Both of these techniques have been changing and growing with technology.

Now photographers are marrying these two techniques together to bring onboard creative collages with amazing results.

Girl gaze:
In a world that has a 51% female population, it is surprising that there are very few female photographers working in the area of film and fashion photography.

Piqued by the statistics, women have now taken to it with a vengeance and are creating images as they see them.

The perception of a man differs from that of a woman. How the woman photographer presents an image is girl gaze.

Naturally unnatural:
Taking photographs in natural surroundings is easy, given the correct light and lenses.

Sometimes, the very naturalness takes away from the impact that the photographer desires.

So, unnoticeable elements are introduced to create an image that speaks its central idea loudly while not detracting the eye from the natural.

In other words, naturally unnatural is a way of conveying a message about nature.

Photographers are using never- used- before colors for landscapes and putting people against improbable backgrounds to create a photograph par excellence.

Bold colors that create an impact are one of the latest trends. These draw the eyes and contrasts of this kind are riveting.

Graphic design with a color overlay is often used. Another commonly used tool for these trends is crello.

New and changing trends keep conceptual photography vibrant and evergreen. If you too wish to enroll for mastering this form of photography, Dream Zone Alambagh & Hazratganj is inviting you.

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