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Useful Apps For Fashion Designers To Increase Their Productivity

Irrespective of the profession you are in, it is important that you must be highly productive. There are various ways of doing the same, from being a smart worker to acquiring skills that will allow you to complete your task on time, there are various things that work together in enhancing your productivity.

We all know that the fashion industry is a dynamic one, which means that one must be always on their toes to complete their task.

At the same time, it is also important to keep track of the latest trend in the market.

In this blog, we have highlighted some of the apps which will help a fashion designer increase their productivity.

Best Apps For Fashion Designers

Sketch- Adobe Illustrator had always ruled the world of designing but its only recently that Sketch has overtaken the charge.

It is fast, easy and comes with lots of plug-ins which makes the task of the designer very easy. Sketch offers ease of use in exploring and managing assets thus making it a popular tool for all the designers.

Price: To access Sketch you need to pay a licensing fee of US$ 99, but you must know that it works on Mac OSX.

Slack- It is a communication platform which allows the team members to interact with each other. In nutshell, it helps in organizing the work.

Why it is important for fashion designers? Slack offers integration with various tools like Dropbox, Google Drive and other applications, it allows you to access anything from one platform. Companies like Marks & Spencer’s are using Slack and are able to make the decision quickly.

Price: The tool comes for free until 5 GB after which you need to pay $8 per month. It is best compatible with Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Pantone- It is a great tool for matching colors, identifying it etc. Thus, it becomes a useful tool for designers.

They can easily communicate with the manufacturer using this platform and finalize the color schemes and patterns etc. Thus streamlining the entire process which eventually enhances their productivity.

The app is easily available as an extension with Colour Picker and Eye Dropper and will help you in finding the colour reading as RGP. The app is also available for iPhone and Androids.

Price: The tool is available for free and works best with Firefox, Chrome browser and also over smart-phones.

CLO 3D- How great it would be if we could have software that could let us know how the final product would like.

This will be beneficial for the designers as well as it will give them an idea about the appearance of the final product. Thanks to the advent of technology, we have tools that make the work easy, CLO 3D is the tool that lets you visualize your sketches in 3 D.

You can start working on this tool by picking up a 3D Body in the form of an avatar and then import your drawings on the same Or else you can start designing from the scratch in CLO.

The software also allows you to fine-tune your designs in real-time, thus making your work very easy and simplified.

Price: You can start using CLO for free for a month and once you are well-versed with the software, you have to pay $99 per month. It works best on OSX and Windows 10 and versions above it.

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