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What Subjects are Taught in Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing is one of the most attractive, lucrative, and fascinating career choices. A career in fashion designing is the appropriate choice for you if you are passionate about styling clothes and bringing new trends into the fashion industry.

The fashion industry offers many highly paid career opportunities in India. Fashion designing courses help you to learn from the best about the history of the fashion industry, how it operates, general practices, investigate current fashion trends; and understand more about how they developed over the years and much more.

If you are interested in exploring the fashion industry and wondering what subjects are included in the fashion designing course, let us walk you through some common subjects taught at our Fashion Designing Institute in Lucknow.

Fashion Designing Course Subjects:

  • Application of design: The class will help the students to understand various concepts and elements of designing with suitable examples.
  • History: No, we are not talking about the boring history of class 10, here the history of fashion evolution in different countries are explained, such as Roman fashion, Egyptian fashion, ancient clothing system in India etc. The students will be expected to understand the culture and style to develop and adopt designs.
  • Textile Science: The students are introduced to textile fibers, the origin of textiles etc., basically to know about the types of textiles and how to differentiate their types, and also taught about the types of weaving, the process of knitting etc.
  • Draping: Draping in the fashion industry is one of the most compulsive subjects; the students will be guided theoretically and practically on various draping tools and methods, dart manipulation and much more.
  • Fashion Illustration: It is one of the most loved subjects by fashion designers because even beginners can learn illustrations with ease. It is a practical subject in most fashion design training institutes. You can learn various illustration techniques and draw a human structure to outline your dress designs.
  • CAD Software’s: Here comes the use of technology in the fashion industry; one does not only sketch figures or apparel on paper, but the students will also learn to use REACH CAD and its application, including pattern drafting, grading etc.
  • REACH Fashion Studio: Reach Fashion Studio is multipurpose software for fashion design, sales, sample, and textile printing departments, similar to REACH CAD. Reach Fashion Studio allows 3D product visualization, texture mapping, colour reduction and cleaning, design and repeat, colorways, and colour communication. It is a very captivating and crucial subject in fashion design.
  • Embellishments: This is a very creative subject, where one can learn to embellish apparel, learn hand embroidery etc., to beautify the designed costumes. Being a practical subject, hold your needles and thread let’s get some embellishments done.
  • Garment Construction: The heart and soul of any fashion designing course is the garment construction subject. Having a solid understanding of construction will help you feel more at ease when working on sewing projects. Students can learn different types of sewing, how to make pleats; but also how to cut various kinds of clothing. You’ll be able to confidently shift a dart or remove an undesirable detail if you have good construction abilities. Students can learn how to make a variety of garments, including skirts, formal shirts, blouses, trousers; and more so that they can choose a stream they want to concentrate their future.
  • Pattern Making: The fashion business is expanding due to one’s inventiveness in creating fantastic patterns that people love and accept. As a result, this course will assist you in creating patterns such as cuff patterns for formal shirts, sleeve patterns for casual wear, and collar patterns, among other things. Pattern making is a broad topic with a lot of potential for creativity.
  • Fashion Management: You will study how to put all of the parts of fashion design together in this topic. I.e., you will learn about the numerous accessories used in the fashion industry, how to obtain raw materials, how to do costing for the garments, how to run an online fashion business, and much more. It demonstrates how one can effectively manage the complete fashion cycle.
  • Tools: Students will receive hands-on training in a variety of programs, including Photoshop and Corel Draw.
  • Portfolio Management: Everyone should have a portfolio; however, if you are unsure how to develop one, fear not; the fashion designing Institute in Lucknow will assist you in putting together a solid portfolio to make you career-ready.

On that basis, enrolling in a well-known fashion design institute to learn in-depth about fashion design is highly suggested, so you choose one of those highly paid careers in the fashion designing industry.

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