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10 Home Decor Products To Spruce Up The Look Of Your House

India is rich in it’s cultural value and is blessed with so many different forms of arts. Each culture boasts its expression, and this is usually in the form of handicrafts and artwork.

Dream Zone Hazratganj brings you a brief overview of the ten most popular home decor products from across the nation that you must incorporate as your home accessory.

Home Decor: let’s start our cultural ride

Kashmir- The place is known for its beauty, and the same is reflected in its work called as Khatam Band. You can easily spot this meticulous work on the carved wooden chest which is usually made out of walnut wood.

The designs are intricate and are a perfect way to beautify your house with some traditional handicraft work.

10 Home Decor Products To Spruce Up The Look Of Your HouseHimachal Pradesh- You would have often spotted colorful pottery, although you can find this in many parts of India, Himachal’s Andretta pottery is a gift to the world.

The work started off in 1920 in the village of Andretta and thus got its name, Andretta pottery.

Rajasthan- Add some color to your house by adding Rajput painting style, you can quickly identify Rajasthani paintings, the Rajasthani table which is a perfect way to bring colors of Rajasthan in your premises.

Gujarat- The state known for all the right things and the Kathi embroidery is one of them. You can see its prevalence in clothes made here, but now this work is being used to create door hangings, cushion covers, etc.

Bihar- Madhubani paintings need no introduction. Well, it hails from Bihar is famous globally. The entire painting is done using natural dyes, and there is no use of human-made substances.

West Bengal- The woodcraft comes from the Burdwan district of West Bengal is an excellent handicraft work. These brightly painted owls look cute and will add quirkiness to your living room. It is also said to be a lucky charm.

Tripura- The state is known for its bamboo work, you can find essential products like bottles, decorative items.

Odisha- The terracotta work which has become fashionable these days is very popular in Odisha. The beautiful artifacts created from clay look magnificent.

You can find pots, figurines, and many other creative products which are a must-have if you want to give your place a surreal look.

Andhra Pradesh- The Andhran figurine and are made out of a special wood called Tella Poniki. They are very popular because of its colorfulness. You can find dolls depicting animals, figures from Hindu mythology etc.

Tamil Nadu- Small handcrafts made out of paper mache are very popular in Tamil Nadu. These beautifully crafted figures are very bright and colorful and are perfect fitment for your house. You can also gift then, the Tamil Nadu’s dolls are unique in their appearance.

India is blessed with many such arts and culture which makes the nation unique. If you wish to give your premises a new look, why not incorporate such artifacts and bring the entire nation within your house.

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