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Where Animation is used other Than Media And Entertainment

Every day we see animation either in the films or advertisements, so much so that it has emerged as a big industry around us. In fact, it has also become a popular career option amongst many. Despite its multitude of applications, the animation is usually associated with media and entertainment. It finds application in myriads of fields, media, and entertainment being one of them. In this blog, we unfold multiple uses of animation in different fields.

Uses of animation other than media and entertainment


We all know that human brains remember more of visualization than textual content. Here, animated videos can play a key role. With the help of an animation, we can enhance the reception level of students and explain to them the concept in a more refined manner. Graphics are already being used by various education portals and platforms. Nowadays you would have noticed many education apps have come up. These apps widely make use of animated videos.


We already know that animation videos are very popular when it comes to advertisement, but did you know that it plays an important role in the marketing of a brand.3D animated demo of your product or project gives a realistic image of the final product. It can lead to a better conversion rate.

Scientific Visualization

Animation finds application in scientific research or a project where we need to create a visual effect. It can be used to represent and create 3D models for a wide range of objects.


You would not find an industry where animation is as extensively used as it is in the gaming industry. The animation is used to create all the 3D characters of the games. Whatever texturing, lighting effect you see n the games are a result of excellent graphics work done by the graphics professionals.


The medical field also finds a wide application of animation. It is used to create visualizations that depict human anatomy which helps the medical students understand human anatomy better and have clarity on the same. The animation is slowly picking up the pace when it comes to its application in the medical field. This proves beneficial for medical students who can visualize the human anatomy in detail. This feature of animation is used by surgeons to explore the replica of the human body before they perform surgery. The health care industry realizes the importance and impact that animation can have in the field of medical science and thus, it is emphasizing in usage and application of animation.


The retail industry can efficiently and effectively use animation to showcase their product and market them. As already mentioned, animation finds applications in marketing and advertisement. The retail industry can also use animation to promote their products and showcase its attributes to the customers. There are many products that cannot be photographed, they need to have microscopic features and here 3D animation can be used to showcase such features of the products which are not visible to the naked eyes.

Architecture and engineering-animation

Find immense applications in the field of architecture and engineering. We all know that designing and architecture has undergone a huge transformation, 3D designing and animation play a key role in the same. With the help of this feature, architects and engineers can create a photorealistic image of the designer product. Moreover, the animated view gives a complete visualization of how the product will perform in a real-life situation. Creating a 3D visualization of products will be helpful in creating a realistic image of the product. Designers and engineers are making use of 3D designing to create realistic images of the end product. Moreover, with the help of an animation, you can create explanatory videos of a particular project.

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