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Cheat Codes to Instantly Glam Up Your Place with School of Interior Design

When it comes to our house, then we all like to keep it spick and spank. The beauty of Indian house is in its warm and welcoming ambiance. With the passage of time, the architect of Indian houses has undergone a huge transformation. We have seen some new development which is a gift from technology and designers.

When it comes interiors design of the house, the latest trend is the sublime art of making something out of close to nothing. In this blog, with the help of some guidance from interior design companies like Dream Zone Hazratganj, we bring you some great ways to revamp your house with just basic stuff. If this has enticed you, scroll down and explore how you can give your house a new look.

The rising need of interior design

As we are developing so is space is getting crunched, and our houses are the biggest example of the same. We now have studio apartments and small flats which offer very little space. The art of a great interior design companies lies in the fact that it can create marvelous outcomes in the very little space available.

Companies like Dream Zone Hazratganj has gained expertise in coming up with innovative and creative ideas when it comes to space utilization.

Here are some quick tricks from the interior design experts at Dream Zone Hazratganj team :

1. Don’t worry if you have small space –
People often think that small rooms don’t have much to offer. There is very little space to organize and arrange things. But, this is wrong. If you are living in a modest house, doesn’t mean that you can design it. You can do wonders with the small space, all you need is the right colour combination.

Choosing muted and neutral shades of white, beige and off-white gives the room a staggering effect. Furthermore, adding mirrors is yet another great way to make your room look big.

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You can also experiment with drapery. If you match the shades of colour of your room and the curtains, it will help you create a roomier effect. The thumb rule for making your room look big is not to stuff it too much. Adding more furniture can make your room look cluttered.

2. The Light Effect-
A key ingredient that instantly spruces up the look of your room is the light. Having enough natural light penetration and illumination in the room makes it look big and grand. It’s not necessary that you may find such houses which receive enough natural light.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot make it look bright, experimenting with creative indoor lighting can help you achieve the desired effect. Having multiple light sources like floor lamps, ceiling lights, focus lights, etc. are a great way to flood your room with enough lighting. To get a grandeur effect to your room, you can opt for dangling lights, pendant lights or chandelier.

3. Go green
Add a splash of greenery to your room by bringing in some indoor plants. You have the option of choosing from various indoor decorative plants like palms, succulents, etc. Bamboos are also in trend nowadays and are one of the favorite interiors design product. This greenery not only revs up the room but also comes with a bonus of oxygen supply.

The right interior design company like Dream Zone Hazratganj you can learn many such ideas which will help you learn the art of interior designing but also master it. The company has its another branch, Dream Zone Alamabagh. Its never too late to give a chance to your creative side.

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